University of Essex


What are the best things about studying at your university?


"Good lecturers who know their subjects well. They clearly teach and explain theory and concepts."
"It is very diverse and international both in relation to students and teachers. There is a wonderful activist/grassroots community (like societies and other non-societal groups). The Human Rights Centre is very close knit and the education regarding human rights and humanitarian law is very good. There are also good options for halal food on campus and it's generally getting better year by year."
"The careers and employability service is very supportive and helpful. The psychology department hones great professional lecturers."
"We have supportive staff and there are always plenty of opportunities."
"The variety of people and activities."
"The really friendly environment. My department helps me a lot and the teaching staff are perfect."
"The multicultural society, diversity, opportunities and career prospects."


"I'm really enjoying the social life here."
"The campus life and environment makes you feel like you're part of a community."
"The great social life and variety of people."
"Being so close to London."
"We're in a good public transport location with open access to design studios with excellent facilities and brilliant support from technicians."
"The teachers here are providing me with a great experience."
"The university has fairly varied sports clubs."

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