University of Essex


What are the worst things about studying at your university?


"Some teachers are not very thorough when it comes to checking essays. It can be difficult to understand what you're expected to write about in coursework as lecturers sometimes say one thing while class teachers may understand the requirement of a task differently."
"The on-campus accommodation is quite expensive, along with the on-campus store and food places. The deadline for coursework for some departments requires both a hard copy and an electric copy, which can be a waste of time, money and paper. The health centre is not as accessible as it should be, there are too many conditional issues before you can get appropriate attention in my opinion."
"There are not enough well-established companies that attend our career fairs."
"The cost of living in the area."
"Getting homework set at 6.00 pm for the next morning."
"The bus system isn't great."
"Workloads can be very high here."


"The cost of living, especially public transport, is a bit pricey."
"Colchester, the town in which the university is situated, isn't the most active."
"The traffic in the area can be annoying."
"The exam timetable packs a lot of exams close together."
"The unorganised students' union."
"The local town is uneventful and quite dull."
"It can sometimes feel like the tutors give better support to more affluent students. When a tutor left right at the beginning of our dissertations, they were not replaced so the whole class had no support for this important piece of work. The tutor was finally replaced three weeks before the hand-in but students were not notified, we only found out through casual class chatter."

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