University of Essex

Careers services

Please comment on the support you’ve had from the careers services, the type of employers that present and recruit on campus, the effectiveness of the alumni network, as well as fairs and on-campus recruitment activity.


"We have a careers and advice centre that has specific employability days where professionals and potential employers come in to answer any questions students might have. These potential employers come from top graduate employers such as Enterprise, HSBC etc. We also have an award at Essex called the Big Essex Award that shows the type of extracurricular activities you have done while at university."
"There is plenty of support to find internships, jobs and placements."
"There aren't enough decent careers fairs on campus."
"There is a job fair once every three months and a careers support centre."
"I have tried to seek help from the employability and careers centre, but they weren't able to give me much more advice than I could find on Google. I've also been to many careers fairs, they seem good but most conversations and advice are very general and not specific to you as a person."

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