University of Edinburgh
University of Edinburgh


What are the best things about studying at your university?


"The course variety and state-of-the-art laboratories. The personal tutor system is great and I really like the city."
"Edinburgh has a great combination of social life and university experience. I've been able to get involved in so many different parts of the university. The first two years are great because you get to take many outside courses and find out if there are any subjects that interest you more!"
"Worldwide prestige, good research and the high quality of professors."
"It's a good university in an amazing city, the university is really central."
"The mathematics school are highly organised, the university is well respected with great facilities and in a fun location."
"Great campus, great lecturers, innovative classes."
"The generous funding for activities and the technology available. There's a lively community to improve yourself in."
"The amount of extracurricular activities, the level of international exposure and the vibrant, artistic and active city life!"
"The city is a great place to live and the university is one of the best for my course. The courses are all well-structured and the lecturers are world leaders in their fields."
"It's a well-respected university in a great city."

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