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How would you rate your university towns night life?
Night life
8.1 / 10

(based on ratings in 2016)


"There's lots of variety but it's very expensive."
"The students' union has, as far as I'm aware, one main building and runs one club night a week every Saturday night. However, there is a huge range of pubs and clubs in Edinburgh and there are two main cinemas in the area as well. There is so much pub crawl potential along Cowgate too so you're never short of a night out."
"Students account for a high percentage of the total population in Edinburgh. Therefore, the nightlife scene in this city is very diverse. Everyone can find something satisfying their taste in music and price range."
"There are loads of different kinds of pubs around so there's something available for everyone in my opinion. The gym is close by too."
"Edinburgh has all kinds of bars and clubs from grimy clubs on Cowgate to posh clubs on George Street and bars of all vibes dotted around the city. No matter where you go or what day you go, the nightlife is vibrant."
"Pubs and clubs are all very lively and there's a huge variety for any kind of taste in music."
"There are many pubs with lots of character that are nice to hang out in and also a lot of choice of clubs, although nights end at 3.00 am and there is no food after nights out. There are not many big clubs."
"There is a massive variety of clubs, bars and pubs so there is something to suit everyone."


"There are national history and art museums in Edinburgh. In summer we have the Fringe Festival and at Christmas there is also a lot to do, like the market, theatre and ice-skating."
"There is so much to do from, on average, three good club nights every night to quieter pub nights and concerts etc. It's more a case of what can't you do!"
"It's a capital city so there are many bars, restaurants, cafes, museums and nice places to walk."
"Lots of choice and reasonable closing times for clubs."
"Lots of clubs with very different target audiences. There's a good range of pubs and bars as well."
"It's a city with historical and natural value so you will be able to enjoy both within the same area."
"There are lots of things to see and do but the night life is expensive."
"Good mix of cheap and fancier clubs. Huge selection of coffee shops and places to eat."
"I'm not really one for going out and drinking but there are plenty of bars and clubs to do so. The film and theatre scene is great, there's always something to go and see."
"There are a lot of nice bars to go to, particularly around Grassmarket and Cowgate. Sitting in little beer gardens during the summer is also really nice. The Edinburgh Festival is also great fun with lots of comedy and live music."

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