University of Edinburgh
University of Edinburgh

Location of university

Please comment on the location of your university (city, town, etc), the campus, the facilities, and student accommodation.
Location of university
9.4 / 10

(based on ratings in 2016)


"The gym is very central and well located near many facilities, which makes it easy to go to at lunch. The fact that the engineering and science buildings are so far out from the centre of the campus is a bit of a pain but the free shuttle bus does alleviate that a little. The café facilities are good and the library is fairly well situated, albeit I don't think there's quite enough space, especially considering the university is boosting its intake."
"There are many cafes and food trucks across campus as well as an enormous gym and a separate swimming complex. Student accommodation owned by the university is reserved for first years and is generally located close to the university's central campus. There is plenty to do around Edinburgh ranging from sports to shopping to clubbing."
"The university is right in the city centre so you're very close to museums, shops, and restaurants when you're not studying. The university is also very close to several green areas including Holyrood Park and Arthur's Seat."
"The university is central to the city, which means you are at the heart of Edinburgh. Most halls are not far away from the campus. The library is good although not big enough for everyone during exam times. There is lots and lots to do around Edinburgh in terms of eating, drinking, going out, exercising and doing fun activities."
"The campus is in a great location but the library is often too overcrowded and does not have enough computers."
"We're a short walk from the city centre and beside a large park. There are great facilities, though the student accommodation is pretty expensive. There are shops, museums and cafés as well as plenty to do."
"The location is very central to the city. The campus is beautiful and everything is relatively close to each other. The student accommodation is nice but can be varied. There is plenty to do during the day and night as it is a capital city."


"Edinburgh is a wonderful city to be in. There are lots of student friendly shops and cafes as well as beautiful buildings, amazing facilities like gyms and museums. The campus is centrally located and accessible, though enough removed from the tourist centre that it's not too busy. Student accommodation is varied enough that there is something to suit everyone."
"Very central, excellent university gym and library facilities (if sometimes overcrowded)."
"The city is great. However, I like how, in just a ten minute walk, you can be out at Arthur's seat and away from the busyness of the city."
"I would say I love the whole university. Buildings are amazing and facilities good. However, the uni cafeteria costs a lot!"
"The location is brilliant, very central and everything tends to be in the one location (lectures, library, course building)."
"The city is wonderful, so long as you can live with the awful weather. The central campus is great, easy to reach, and everything you need is very close."
"Amazing, everything is just about within reach (although the King's Buildings campus could be better reached with more shuttle buses per hour)."
"The campus is pretty central, only around 10-20 minutes from most of the student accommodation here."
"I love the uni area, everything is very close-knit unless you're at studying sciences or veterinary as they have different campuses. Plenty of lunch spots, coffee shops and uni-related stores but often a lack of study space other than the library."
"The city is extremely interesting due to its history, it's also very picturesque and is good for shopping and going out for drinks. The campus is in a great location, the garden in George square is a lovely place to study on a summer's day."

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