University of Edinburgh
University of Edinburgh

Diverse backgrounds

Please let us know whether you think your university does enough to attract and cater for students from a diverse range of backgrounds?


"The university has a strong LGBTQ community but I feel that it fails to attract certain ethnic groups."
"It is very prestigious worldwide so a lot of students come from all around the world and the rest of the UK, not just Scotland."
"I think Edinburgh is trying, the bursary offered is a testament to this. However, it's still full of posh kids from private/grammar schools at the moment. It's not very diverse ethnically, I'd say 80% of the students are white."
"There are a lot of Americans but not many people from Africa or South America for example. It tends to be quite westernised."
"There are perhaps more wealthy people than working class. Probably because it's so expensive and there are a lot of new expensive accommodation buildings."
"I am still occasionally surprised by how much of the student population is privately educated."
"Tuition fees can be a little prohibitive for some students."
"Yes it does, there are people from all over the world."
"The student base is quite wealthy on average. However, there is a varied mix of rich/poor, male/female etc."
"I think it does. There is a wide variety of nationalities on my course and in my societies."

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