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University of Edinburgh


What are the worst things about studying at your university?


"There are digital problems with the website and login portals every so often."
"This university predominantly aims to deliver world-class research. This can sometimes make it feel like some lecturers are less interested in their work with students."
"Feedback on work could be more detailed."
"There's a very big student body so you can sometimes feel disconnected from the teaching staff."
"I've had some issues with administration, including getting marking back in good time."
"Edinburgh is quite an expensive place to live."
"I found I got a lack of help on my year abroad and there was some disorganisation."
"The feedback and marking can be quite slow. Accommodation is very expensive too."


"The library is not that modern."
"The large student body can make it difficult to find accommodation."
"The personal tutor system isn't very personal. You don't have much contact with them."
"It can be difficult to make full use of its resources."
"A lot of bureaucracy. Nobody seems able to do much without the permission of 10 superiors."
"Science/Engineering subjects are on a separate campus 20 minutes away from the main campus/student housing."
"Poor public transport and the high cost of living. There's a traditional approach to education that I think is a little too classically-focused."
"Pastoral care and student satisfaction have been low at times."
"Lecturers can be slow in giving us results and feedback."
"The expense of living in Scotland's capital city."

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