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Please comment on the support you’ve had from the careers services, the type of employers that present and recruit on campus, the effectiveness of the alumni network, as well as fairs and on-campus recruitment activity.


"We have a lot of outside speakers come in to tell us about jobs and opportunities tailored to us. We get emails almost every day with many different opportunities that will help with prospects."
"I have used the careers service only once but can confirm that it is always available for those who are in need. It is possible to attend a meeting with a professional to discuss your preparation for a specific job advert and perform a mock interview. The university attracts top-notch employers and its career fair has over 100 stands every year. The school of engineering and school of informatics have their own careers fairs attracting top graduate employers."
"There are resources but you have to look for them."
"The careers service is located in the main library and they are always available and willing to help, which is useful when big companies like Goldman Sachs and BlackRock visit the university for networking purposes. I am not too aware of the alumni network but the university has all kinds of placements during the summer with the university itself or at companies willing to hire Edinburgh students."
"The careers service has a website where it advertises a variety of jobs suitable for students. The careers service can also help you with your CV, interviews and general tips."
"Careers services vary for different degree programmes but, overall, my experience has been very good. As long as you plan ahead there are usually appointments available to book."
"Lots of employers come and recruit but it is angled towards city professions such as working with banks and law firms etc. I am not as interested in that so I didn't make much use of it. There is a careers service but it was only really helpful if you knew exactly what you wanted to do. It didn't help much with giving advice on how to find what you wanted to do, or setting up work experience etc to help you figure things out."
"The uni has links with institutions around the world, which makes it easier to arrange studying abroad."


"I attended a course with the careers service that was extremely valuable. I have also had meetings with them and been to careers fairs."
"Career support is available but the employers on offer seem to lack diversity (petroleum, defence, microelectronics, etc)."
"The careers service are very useful and they often organise careers fairs and workshops to help students prepare well for a job."
"I don't personally find the careers service or employer fairs helpful as they are catered towards jobs in business or sciences. Our course, however, has a more catered 'professional practice' module in which tutors talked about the realities of being a professional artist. This was much more useful to me personally."
"The careers service is always open for advice. You can book CV or interview help appointments with them."
"We go on placements to schools so it's great for experience if you want to go into teaching."
"The school of informatics is particularly good at careers opportunities and effective career fairs."
"The careers service is pretty good, they hold fairs for various employers and email around internship opportunities etc."
"Careers services are good when I've been to see them. There's a range of employers on campus but the majority tend to be accountancy/corporate finance companies that aren't ideal for all students."
"I think more support from careers services earlier on my degree programme would have been helpful."

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