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What are the best things about studying at your university?


"I love the friendliness and the community vibe that it has. I feel like everyone is really happy to be here and Norwich is such a great city to be in."
"It has a great social atmosphere due to its relatively small size. You are given a lot of careers help and there are always different opportunities available for you to partake in."
"Everything you need is on campus. There's a massive range of clubs and societies to join and we have constant information provided by email about special talks, internships, career-related information, volunteering opportunities and other events on campus. Most importantly, the staff and lecturers have all been friendly, helpful and very effective."
"The atmosphere is so friendly and laid back. My accommodation in the university village is great and I love the bubble tea you can get from the coffee place."
"The lecturers are very interested in their subjects. This makes learning much easier and more fun."
"Good course, nice city and great campus."


"It's such a friendly and welcoming community environment. We have a beautiful campus and there are so many opportunities. Societies are great and the atmosphere and people are lovely."
"The social life is great and there are good social and career opportunities."
"There's a good social life and everyone is really lovely."
"The nightlife and quality of teaching."
"The university has really good sports facilities."
"Nights at the LCR (a great venue) as well as friendly people, great staff and a really good sports park."
"Nice campus, good facilities and a good environmental sciences department."
"Student satisfaction is rated highly."
"The social life here and the variety of different opportunities."
"The variety of modules as well as interaction with teachers and lecturers."

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