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Please comment on the location of your university (city, town, etc), the campus, the facilities, and student accommodation.
Location of university
8.3 / 10

(based on ratings in 2016)


"Norwich is a brilliant city, the campus is lovely and new accommodation is available."
"I love everything about our facilities except the buses! They're great for getting to campus but transport can be a bit unreliable once you move out of halls. I tend to rely on my bike a lot of the time."
"Norwich is a lovely small city that has all of the tropes of a big city but without the stifling atmosphere. It is a very friendly and affordable place. The facilities on campus could do with improvement (the gym for example) and the library could be expanded and improved to accommodate the expanding student base."
"It's a lovely location with lots of amenities on campus. The accommodation is slightly overpriced but we get a good student discount at the gym. During the day, one may visit the city centre for shopping or visiting the cinema etc."
"Everything has been really great so far. There's always something to do, from the bars to the lake. The sports park has a variety of different activities going on and, moreover, the range of clubs and societies available are so wide as to meet everyone's fancy."
"I love the gym that is close by and all the nature around the university."


"The town centre is only a 20 minute bus journey from campus. All the facilities you need are on campus and are fantastic eg the lake and Sportspark. Student accommodation for first years is mainly located on campus with a bit of accommodation located within the city."
"My student accommodation was very basic and the kitchen was in need of refurbishment, but it was cheap. The town is very nice with lots to do and campus is easy to get to with everything being close together."
"It's a very nice environment. We're away from town in a research park that's surrounded by nature."
"We're on the outskirts of town, 20 minutes away on the bus. Everything you need is on campus. Accommodation is good and they keep building more."
"Campus is on the edge of a city and only one bus ride away from the city centre, which is very convenient. Good ensuite accommodation is available for all first years. There's a good students' union with two club nights per week and regular gigs. There's a large bar on campus and many cafes and places to buy food. However, the library is small and very often full."
"It's in a good location that's easy to get to the city centre from. We have a great open campus with decent facilities and the accommodation is improving."
"An amazing campus with a great atmosphere. All the facilities you need are on site but slightly pricier than in the city. Buses into the city are regular (one every 15 minutes or so) and take about 20 minutes."
"Campus is on the outskirts of the city. We have good access to the city but it's also nice and quiet with good access to the countryside. Student accommodation is nice but expensive."
"Campus is well located and has fantastic facilities."
"It's a campus uni but close to the city. Accommodation is good and clean."

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