University of East Anglia UEA


What are the worst things about studying at your university?


"Feedback can sometimes be late, making it less helpful."
"Some courses definitely get more focus than others."
"I think some of the teaching could be of a higher quality."
"It can be expensive to play sport here."
"There's not really much to complain about but the internet does go on and off."
"There's not a lot going on around campus a lot of the time, the concrete buildings are ugly and we're not in the city centre."


"The nightlife around campus isn't very active."
"It's more expensive than a lot of other places."
"The architecture isn't very appealing."
"Not fond of the teaching styles of quite a few of my lecturers."
"Public transportation in Norwich is too expensive."
"There's been a lack of contact hours with some lecturers."
"Prices for drinks and uni accommodation are high."
"The buildings aren't very pretty."
"It's not good for people who don't like concrete and amenities on campus are expensive."
"The students' union has been unreliable."

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