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Please comment on the support you’ve had from the careers services, the type of employers that present and recruit on campus, the effectiveness of the alumni network, as well as fairs and on-campus recruitment activity.


"They're always there to help."
"The careers service is amazing. They will spend as much time as you need with you and they have some amazing advice! We also had career-specific help, which is really valuable in something as competitive as law."
"The support for careers is generally good and there are loads of voluntary and compulsory careers events that take place weekly on campus and cater to each different field."
"We get CV and job application feedback as well as advice for job interviews."
"UEA has its own careers centre for students where students can get help and advice by talking to their expert careers advisers in one-to-one advice and guidance appointments. They also help to develop our experience and confidence as well, with a huge range of events, mentoring, internships and hundreds of part-time jobs and volunteering opportunities all year round."
"The lecturers here are very focused on employment and keep emailing me about work experience opportunities. I greatly appreciate this."


"Fairs are good but maybe there could be more alternative ones and less focus on corporate companies."
"The careers service is very helpful, with individual officers appointed to individual faculties. There are many information leaflets and opportunities to book appointments. A lot of big brand and well known employers come to campus for recruitment and opportunity careers fairs as well as some smaller or less well known companies."
"There's a lot of support from services. Help and advice are constantly available if you need them and there is a large focus on careers and life after uni."
"They have good services that hold different careers events and are very supportive."
"We've had a few careers events throughout the year and a good careers service on campus that makes it easy to make appointments to seek advice and guidance."
"There's a careers service that offers many services ranging from CV consultation to interview practice and careers fairs etc."
"Careers service offers training on CVs and LinkedIn as well as having a website for job opportunities. There's also a large range of employers that recruit on campus."
"I didn't find the science and engineering fair very helpful. The careers services is good for helping with job applications though."
"I like the careers service and the employability sessions are really good."
"The careers centre offers lots of advice regarding your CV, interviews and applications as well as opportunities to network with different firms."

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