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Please comment on the support you’ve had from the careers services, the type of employers that present and recruit on campus, the effectiveness of the alumni network, as well as fairs and on-campus recruitment activity.


"There are many events going on including CV building, applications help and lots more."
"The careers service is constantly there to help by going over your CV, reading your applications or performing mock interviews, which is great. The placements for work experience are encouraged in my degree field, which is great, but it would be nice to have a bit more of a broad variety of career options."
"The medical technology company Medtronic ran a multi-disciplinary team project to develop an app for the Microsoft HoloLens. It was great fun and a fantastic way to learn relevant industry skills and some people were given internships at the end of their degree."
"I was recently at a seminar in which invited professionals spoke about career and internship opportunities with us. I must say the school makes deliberate effort to connect its students with the right people."
"We have a good careers service that helps you to prepare your CV and offers support with sourcing internships."
"The careers service is available for drop in sessions, they only last for 15 minutes but are great if you need a chat about something quickly or just want to find out a few details. It is possible to get longer appointments where they can help you with interview techniques and CV writing. We were also given a couple of lectures as life sciences students about possibilities after uni as part of our timetabled course."


"The university has a body that deals with employability and culminates in the Dundee Plus award. Support is available on demand and multiple job fairs are hosted throughout the year."
"While I feel that the general skills I've learned at university have equipped me to find a good job, I feel the lack of work experience in my field offered by the course made it difficult for me to access my field in terms of employment. The careers service are excellent and offer a number of services and plenty of support."
"I think there's been a lack of preparation and advice from the careers service regarding internships. CV reviews can often take so long that the deadline for the job application you were going for has passed. I think Dundee should organise events with bigger companies rather than small local ones who usually don't employ more than one or two students."
"I'm unsure how the university is for other careers but the medical school was really supportive with preparing us for work."
"The careers service is fantastic! We had an internship module in our second year and it prepared us for interviews, presentations, reports, time management, analysing and identifying key strengths, CV and cover letter writing practices. It also allowed us to have a 30-hour internship at a place we picked in order to get a taste of the working environment. You can also meet people at the careers service and arrange appointments to practise presentation skills and how to prepare for an interview. They are approachable and very friendly!"
"I've taken a careers module and found out a lot about the service they can provide, which is very good and helpful but I wouldn't have been aware had I not taken the module."
"There are various lecturers and seminars. Law is very active in networking."
"The careers service provides many kinds of help including tips on interview techniques and they also review your CV and cover letter."

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