University of Chichester


What are the best things about studying at your university?


"The small class sizes mean there's a close community feel."
"The students' union is great, the lessons are made interesting and the campus itself is nice and always seems to be kept clean. The library is brilliant."
"The opportunities on my course, the friendliness around campus and the community."
"The sense of community is good as it's a small university."
"We have great lecturers, a lovely campus and a friendly and supportive atmosphere."
"We have small classes so we receive a lot more time with lecturers."
"You can book to see lecturers one-to-one. The halls I was in for my first year were really close to the campus and so is my student house for the second year."
"It's a lovely campus with new facilities that opened this year. We have really supportive staff and a comprehensive course. The student voice is both sought and validated."


"Lecturers are very engaging and passionate about what they teach and the courses are very enjoyable. I like the social life where you can go out with friends to the SU and there is the safety bus that only costs £1."
"There's a community feel and good relationships with lecturers."
"Lecturers are great on the whole."
"Staff members are mostly good, we get a lot of contact hours and we're in a nice area."
"There are lots of clubs and societies to get involved in. Also, they have really great operations in place for student support and most of the staff are lovely."
"The size of the university means that classes are intimate and you can get to know them on a personal level."
"I really love my course, the small campus and the more personal quality of teaching."
"There's a good sense of community and great lecturers."
"My lecturers have been brilliant, the course is exceptional and the city is beautiful. It's perfect!"
"The staff are very knowledgeable and holistic. The resources are also very good."

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