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Location of university

Please comment on the location of your university (city, town, etc), the campus, the facilities, and student accommodation.
Location of university
8.2 / 10

(based on ratings in 2016)


"The location is in a city but very close to rural areas as well as places such as Portsmouth and Brighton. We're also not too far from the sea. The campus is a mixture of old and new and this is evident in the accommodation. There's plenty to do in town as there is the city centre and Chichester Gate. We're not too far from other towns and cities with shopping centres etc."
"The location of the uni itself isn’t too bad but the town has more old people than young. There aren’t any clubs and the pubs can get a bit repetitive. However, there are also lots of job opportunities in town."
"The campus is within walking distance of Chichester city centre. The campus is small with some sports facilities but this could be better. The Chichester area is beautiful and anyone who enjoys an outdoors lifestyle would love it with the downs, the beach and various country parks in close proximity. There is also a beautiful cathedral and a good theatre in Chichester alongside good shopping and places to eat and drink."
"The university is close to the town centre with a good selection of shops and there is also a cinema, bowling alley and restaurant area nearby. The facilities of the university are good and there is a bar on campus as well as a restaurant and cafe area. The campus is a good size with good teaching areas and a new academic building that has recently been built."
"We're in a great location close to the city centre. The campus is small so it's easy to find everything."
"There is a cafeteria and a Costa on site and it's only a small walk into the town. The uni opens its library for long periods and is a short walk from the beach."
"The location of the uni is good as it's only a 20-minute walk into town where the train station and shops are. The campus is small so you can't really get lost but it means that there are fewer facilities such as computers, books and places to study. The student accommodation was nice (especially Pinewood House, which looks very pretty from the outside). There is a cinema, shops, trampolining places and loads of restaurants in town."
"The facilities on campus are very good but the town is not the best. It feels as though it could do with a bit of modernisation."
"It's a lovely location within easy walking distance of the city centre. The campus is a charming blend of old and new buildings with a large cafeteria offering a good selection of food and two other coffee outlets, plus two on-site shops."


"The Bishop Otter Campus is a short walk from the town centre. Chichester has a Tesco Express, a Co-op and an Iceland. It's only 15-20 minutes away from my accommodation."
"The library is really good but the cafeteria is expensive."
"It's a nice city but there's not a lot of nightlife for students. The campus is nice, as is the canteen but there could be healthier options available."
"The university campus is only a 10-minute walk to town. As I'm in my second year, I live 20 minutes from the university so sometimes my lessons could be five minutes from my house and other days I have to walk for 35-40 minutes to another location."
"A small but very nice campus (Bognor campus) with good facilities but a small library."
"The location of the university is good for myself as I commute. I lived on campus for my first year and realised that Bognor does not have a lot to offer. However, there are good transport links to Chichester."
"Campus is really close to town and all the facilities you need are on campus so there's no need for travel."
"It's a great city to be in and the campus is good but the ongoing building works have been very disruptive. The facilities (toilets etc) could be maintained to a cleaner standard."
"Small city but good location. The small campus makes it easy to get around. There aren't many classrooms but they are currently building more. Student accommodation is good but really expensive."
"The library needs to be a bit bigger and the food in the cafeteria is really expensive."

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