University of Chichester

Diverse backgrounds

Please let us know whether you think your university does enough to attract and cater for students from a diverse range of backgrounds?


"My uni is brilliant for welcoming and accepting people of all different backgrounds, it’s great."
"The university caters for all backgrounds and is very supportive of the rights of minorities."
"I think the university does a very good job to attract and support students from a diverse range of backgrounds and is a very inclusive community."
"The university is very accessible for disabled students and has a really good support system for students whose first language isn't English or for those who have come from another country to study."
"Our university has a lot of international students and a very diverse population."
"There are clubs and societies that encompass everything you can imagine so everyone has a chance to fit in."
"It supports them but it is predominantly white middle class."
"My university is very good at meeting students' needs, especially when students have come from as far as China and Moldova."


"I think it tries to cater to all kinds of students."
"I am aware that it caters very well for disabled students."
"We have an LGBT society and an Afro Caribbean society. Also, the university offers bursaries for students with a lower household income."
"I think a lot of students are local, and this is not a very diverse area."
"I believe so due to the variety of backgrounds that students come from."
"More, I believe, than most other universities."

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