University of Chichester


What are the worst things about studying at your university?


"You have to pay to use the university gym. For the course I'm doing (film and television studies), a lot of the modules are theory. I have done some practical modules but it would be nice to have more of a balance between the two."
"Campus is small (Bognor Regis) and the nightlife isn't great."
"Some admin departments are not very well run and can miss some important things."
"There's only one nightclub in the area."
"Some staff members have shown a lack of organisation."
"The catered student halls don't have an oven in the kitchens so, on the weekend when you can't get dinner from the canteen, you can't have a good dinner."
"There's minimal social life and it can be difficult to have an input if you're not on a sports course."
"There isn't a nightclub here."
"Social life (there's a lack of clubs) and the gym facilities could be improved."
"The teaching campus is all the way in Bognor Regis and, occasionally, they ask you to attend a day that only lasts an hour."

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