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Clubs and social environment

Please tell us more about the social environment, sports clubs and societies and anything else you think candidates need to know about life at your university.


"We have a very close community spirit within sports and societies at Chichester University. 'WSIHE' makes the whole university join together on a Wednesday night after spending the day with their respective teams."
"There's a good range of sports clubs and societies."
"The university has an excellent variety of sports clubs and various societies to join."
"There are a variety of social clubs to join and all are very friendly and welcoming."
"The societies are very good and have a very welcoming atmosphere."
"Sports clubs are run very smoothly and are a joy to be part of. They're very successful considering the size of the uni."
"Excellent sports facilities are on offer at the campus and several societies are advertised. The university has another campus in a neighbouring town."
"There are three main nights out in the week and all follow a theme. Sports games are on Wednesdays when we compete against other universities in everything from golf to horse riding. Our women's football team is ranked top in the country."


"There are sports clubs and a range of others. However, the societies don't always run every week."
"Chichester campus has societies for many sports but there's not much on offer in Bognor, it's not very social."
"There are many clubs and societies to suit everyone. I am part of the musical theatre society, which is a really good club as you get to perform a show/musical up to three times a year. There are endless sports clubs as the university is a sports university and there are both male and female teams. Also, if you want to create a society yourself, you just need to find six people that want to be a part of it and then you will have the students' union's support."
"It's good for sports activities."
"I think these could be advertised more as I wasn't aware of much for my first few years."
"There always looks like there is a lot going on."
"It's very expensive to be part of a team as the cost of kit is too much all at once. I've also seen examples of committees being rather unorganised."
"I think there needs to be more social activities for everyone on campus."
"There are plenty of sports teams and societies to join."
"If you want it, it is there. There are lots of little mini-clubs that exist if you look for them and the university is great at helping set up societies and clubs. This means that, if there is something that an individual wants to do, it can be done."

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