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Please comment on the support you’ve had from the careers services, the type of employers that present and recruit on campus, the effectiveness of the alumni network, as well as fairs and on-campus recruitment activity.


"I get emails every week from the careers team about jobs and I managed to get myself a job at a shop in town."
"I have been offered lots of opportunities for work experience outside of my PhD and have worked alongside some fantastic people, which has given me new experiences and skills."
"There are often opportunities for work experience in many of the degree subjects. The careers service is also very good and there are many career days where a range of employers recruit on campus."
"I have had both a work placement and an internship through the university. The careers department is very active."
"The university offers one-to-one support on assignments and also provides support for applying for jobs. All of these sessions are free and it's often easy to book an appointment to suit your timetable."
"There are various volunteering placements at the uni and in the general Chichester area. There's also a specialised website, TARGETjobs, that we use for jobs and career searching. There are also career advisers on campus so you can go in and talk to someone."
"The careers service is still available for a year after you leave."
"The careers team gives advice about CV writing, applications and graduate trainee programmes as well as workshops about job prospects. We also have recruitment fairs on the campus so students have opportunities to talk to prospective employers."
"Careers chats are available every day on campus. We hold a freshers' fair twice a year where recruiters come and discuss work placements and work experience with students. The specifics depend on the degree that you pick."


"There are occasionally careers fairs at the students' union, which are good to go to. I have been to see the careers service about my CV and this meeting was helpful for learning how to restructure it."
"The employability and careers service is brilliant. They help you to find the career you want to do and how to get there even if you have no idea. They also help you put together different styles of CVs and there's a job site on our university's website that offers full- and part-time jobs to help during and after university. We have careers fairs too that offer advice from lots of different companies in all different career areas."
"There are lots of teaching fairs, interview preparation workshops and guest speakers."
"I had an amazing opportunity to work at Capgemini for my placement year. The university brought in Capgemini to run a mock assessment centre, which helped me immensely when I attended the real thing."
"Pretty good. More should be made of GraduateOn. It's really useful but, at face value, it seems lengthy and complex, which I think puts students off."
"The finance team were quite helpful with giving advice."
"The careers service is active and is very forward-facing. Everything, especially as students move into their third year, is geared towards not only the end of their degree but on 'what happens next'. There is not much more that the service could do to make their voice heard."
"The support from the careers service has been high with plenty of advice on applying for jobs and help with interview techniques."

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