University of Chester


What are the best things about studying at your university?


"It's small so everyone knows each other and you always meet a lot of people you know on a night out."
"Excellent facilities and a wonderful city."
"It's a small and friendly uni in a great city with a very welcoming atmosphere. It's easy to make friends and get to know your lecturers."
"Chester is a great city that's small and safe but close enough to bigger cities. There are some really interesting and thought-provoking modules."
"The town, social life and sense of community within the uni."
"Having a small campus means getting more contact time with tutors."
"Having a radio station has allowed me to develop and improve as an aspiring radio producer. The station has been pivotal in my learning experience and is also perfectly placed in case I fancy a day out in Manchester or Liverpool."
"Everything. The lecturers are great, the university is amazing and the location is great for a student, with lots of friendly people."
"The uni staff have been very helpful and supportive."
"It's an enclosed campus. The SU is fantastic and I generally just love the location and the university itself. All of the law lecturers are more than happy to help at any time and I have loved my time here."

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