University of Chester


What are the worst things about studying at your university?


"No real effort was made to incorporate commuting students during freshers' weeks. It would have been useful to have a wide range of activities during the day rather than just at night. Parking was a major issue through all three years, particularly in the third year, so I often had to miss lectures due to a lack of parking."
"The sports facilities and the amount of money put into sports."
"There's low funding of some things and the nightlife is small."
"The lack of work experience opportunities."
"It's a small university and a small city."


"There are not many clubs to choose from in town."
"The small library means limited access to resources sometimes and there aren't many options for a nightlife."
"Some staff have taken on more than they can manage, making them unavailable in times of need. Receiving marks and feedback can often be delayed quite severely."
"There's a lack of resources and a lack of funding. We are a small campus so we don't seem to be prioritised by UoC."
"A lack of organisation within the departments has meant that deadlines can be set for the same time causing disruption."
"Communication between the campuses is not great. It often feels like the Warrington Campus does not receive as many benefits as students on the main campus get."
"There's a lack of timely feedback and lectures are regularly cancelled or rearranged. We're also under-resourced and short-staffed."
"There aren't many options for additional modules and there is quite limited uni accommodation."
"There's been ongoing work on the library, which has been disruptive."
"I don't feel I got enough support or guidance from my lecturers."

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