University of Central Lancashire

Location of university

Please comment on the location of your university (city, town, etc), the campus, the facilities, and student accommodation.


"The closeness to town and location of buildings are great."
"We're close to town and the railway."
"Preston is a great student city that's easy to get around and everything is within walking distance. There is a range of student accommodation that varies in price and size. The gym is brilliant with a top class sports arena alongside a brilliant library full of resources."
"Facilities are excellent, especially Leighton Halls. We get free gym membership too!"
"The location is OK and has good transport links. The campus is well located and compact and I've found student housing to be affordable."
"It's a city centre campus that's close to the train station. The gym is really good and there are restaurants and shops around the campus that are varied and of good quality. Student accommodation in the university owned halls needs improvement but we do have excellent on-campus security."
"We're in the city and near to the train station. It's easy to get to an international airport (handy for an international student) and we've got a lot of facilities."
"It's a fab central location: easily accessible and close to the town centre. The facilities are good although I have not used many of them."
"Student accommodation could be improved as could some of the cafes in the university."
"It's a great place and has everything that you need including a good nightlife."

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