University of Cambridge


What are the best things about studying at your university?


"The career opportunities afforded by a Cambridge degree."
"There are lots of different and very interesting people who are passionate about their subject so you can learn a lot from the people around you and have fascinating conversations. More people than I expected are all-rounders and the co-curricular side of uni life is brilliant. There's a ridiculous number of opportunities, both career related and just for fun! Our individual supervisors genuinely look out for us and form a close relationship with us."
"The resources available to us include one-on-one expert teaching and the option to expand your breadth of academic knowledge into all different sorts of domains. You're also pushed really hard to be the best you can be."
"The wealth of events and guest lecturers is great, as is the reputation of the university and the number of sponsored events and opportunities to meet employers and careers events."
"The traditions, the town itself, the people, the wide variety of extracurricular activities and the supervisions, which are on top of seminars or lectures."
"It's a lot more than just the name! The individual support from supervisions is absolutely amazing and beyond any other teaching I've ever had. The short terms are packed full of content so you really get the essence of your degree. There is a society for anything and they're often composed of some really amazing people."


"It's a very challenging atmosphere, prepares me to deal with the world of work with ease. The sports, formal dinners and the spectre of social life also makes the experience memorable."
"It's the best university, and everyone around you is so talented. The education is world class, and it's so good knowing our job prospects are promising for the future."
"Lots of tradition. Things like formal ball regularly."
"One-to-one teaching; college experience; Cambridge is small so everything is nearby."
"Everything! Stunning location and amazing history. It really is a joy to rush to a supervision through those beautiful surroundings. The vibrancy of student life is really special, despite us doing more work than a lot of other unis. We seem to do a lot more sport, music, drama, any extra-curricular you could ever imagine. The academic side is obviously fab as well, the teaching is on a completely different level from almost all other universities and that makes the high volume of study we have to do really interesting and enjoyable. The best thing about the uni though, is the people. People from all over the world, from all different spheres have come to this tiny town and the confluence of the amazing senses of humour, talents, skills, worldviews is a wonder to see and be part of."
"Cambridge has a world-renowned reputation (bound to put me in good stead in the future), with world-class teaching facilities and fellows. The level of contact I received is unparalleled, and really allows me to engage with my subject in an incredibly intimate way, learning often through one-on-one contact with a leading expert in the field."
"It is a collegiate university, so there is a great chance to meet lots of people from other years and courses, rather than simply sticking with a small group of people. It also means there are many more societies to join, both casual and serious."
"Good social life due to college system, prestigious, had the best version of my programme (natural sciences). Good opportunities for research and graduate programmes, inexpensive living costs, good graduate prospects."
"The academic side is exceptional and you know that you are receiving the best education. The social side is completely different to anything you could receive anywhere else."
"Quality of teaching; amount of sporting and extracurricular opportunities available; collegiate system."

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