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What are the best things about studying at your university?


"Supervisions are a really intellectually stimulating way of exploring your subject and solidifying your ability to talk to people and defend your arguments. Walking through such an architecturally interesting town to your lectures is rewarding. There's an amazing number of career events and information as there are so many things going on every day. The college system provides a lot of support through different contacts within and outside of your subject area. There's a lot of subsidisation so day-to-day living is really, really cheap."
"The educational standard is extremely high and there are a huge number of enjoyable extracurricular activities and excellent careers opportunities."
"I like the tradition of the university, its historic buildings and location near the river. Our accommodation is really lovely too and we get to live on campus for all three years with college-provided accommodation. Its prestige and academic prowess mean that it is often easier to find internships and other opportunities, especially due to its many notable alumni. There are also many grants and funds meaning that we can travel and benefit from free gyms and laundry, to name a few things."
"World-class lecturers, the availability of accommodation, the college-based student societies and the fact that everything is within cycling distance."
"There's a great teaching atmosphere and you get the knowledge that you're being taught by experts. Our college system is also really welcoming."
"Level of study is very high so students can get well-paid jobs after graduation. The variety of different societies allows everyone to find a community with similar interests to them."


"It's a very challenging atmosphere, prepares me to deal with the world of work with ease. The sports, formal dinners and the spectre of social life also makes the experience memorable."
"It's the best university, and everyone around you is so talented. The education is world class, and it's so good knowing our job prospects are promising for the future."
"Lots of tradition. Things like formal ball regularly."
"One-to-one teaching; college experience; Cambridge is small so everything is nearby."
"Everything! Stunning location and amazing history. It really is a joy to rush to a supervision through those beautiful surroundings. The vibrancy of student life is really special, despite us doing more work than a lot of other unis. We seem to do a lot more sport, music, drama, any extra-curricular you could ever imagine. The academic side is obviously fab as well, the teaching is on a completely different level from almost all other universities and that makes the high volume of study we have to do really interesting and enjoyable. The best thing about the uni though, is the people. People from all over the world, from all different spheres have come to this tiny town and the confluence of the amazing senses of humour, talents, skills, worldviews is a wonder to see and be part of."
"Cambridge has a world-renowned reputation (bound to put me in good stead in the future), with world-class teaching facilities and fellows. The level of contact I received is unparalleled, and really allows me to engage with my subject in an incredibly intimate way, learning often through one-on-one contact with a leading expert in the field."
"It is a collegiate university, so there is a great chance to meet lots of people from other years and courses, rather than simply sticking with a small group of people. It also means there are many more societies to join, both casual and serious."
"Good social life due to college system, prestigious, had the best version of my programme (natural sciences). Good opportunities for research and graduate programmes, inexpensive living costs, good graduate prospects."
"The academic side is exceptional and you know that you are receiving the best education. The social side is completely different to anything you could receive anywhere else."
"Quality of teaching; amount of sporting and extracurricular opportunities available; collegiate system."

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