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How would you rate your university towns night life?
Night life
6.2 / 10

(based on ratings in 2016)


"There are plenty of college bars, local pubs, theatre experiences and good food places."
"It is very centred around the university and its students but this also makes it safe and easily accessible. There are relatively few venues but always plenty happening."
"There are lots of homely pubs and some nice bars (particularly the rooftop bar at the Varsity Hotel). However, these are probably the expensive option. It is cheaper to drink at college bars, which are really fun, have a good atmosphere and good prices. There are only really a few clubs in Cambridge but I love them because you tend to know lots of the people there and you will definitely know all the songs. The only issue is that they get packed and you have to get there quite early."
"There are three theatres with frequently changing plays and three cinemas alike."
"There are several (expensive) pubs, four basic (but fun) clubs and a range of fast food places both chain and independent."
"There's a range of good clubs, each with a significant student attendance on certain nights. We have a nice range of pubs and there's always one within walking distance of each college. There's lots of shopping available too."
"There is an endless array of public houses and cocktail bars. The city loves its craft beer and microbreweries. The main nightclubs are very cheesy and would probably disappoint most visitors, but students of the university seem to generally like them."
"The nightlife is pretty simple compared to other cities. However, it is decent, entry prices are not too high and the student community makes it feel safe."
"There are lots of pubs but only four clubs. The clubs are fun as you see loads of people you know but they aren't exactly top-end DJs. It's typically cheesy, which I like but some others don't. The pubs are just too expensive for a lot of students as they charge London prices. There is a lack of communal social areas in a lot of colleges as you essentially live in halls the entire three years."


"During the day: in spite of it being relatively small, there's an ample amount of things to do in Cambridge. Various park areas, sporting facilities, leisure activities (punting etc), as well as a huge range of places to eat. Evening: There are four nightclubs of wildly varying quality (Kuda, for example, is one which must be avoided at all costs), as well as a range of pubs and bars. There are also a range of regular collegiate-level events available for students to attend."
"There are four nightclubs, a few cocktail bars that are too expensive to go to, and many pubs (but again, fairly expensive)."
"Good if you like cheesy clubbing! There are lots of college bars and events too!"
"Theatre, punting, museums, shopping, college tours and more."
"There are three atrocious clubs but all fun and what you want for a good night out if you are with good friends. We also lay claim to Europe's (the world's?) Largest Wetherspoons."
"There is a limited choice of nightlife, beloved for its bad quality and enjoyed nonetheless."
"Hardly any good nightlife, better off going to London."
"Terrible clubs, good but expensive pubs."
"There are four clubs which range from awful to less awful. Cambridge isn't exactly renowned for its nightlife. Drinks are also expensive, though no match for London's prices!"
"Two main clubs with a few outliers. Plenty of wine bars, gin bars, pubs."

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