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How would you rate your university towns night life?
Night life
6.6 / 10

(based on ratings in 2016)


"There's a good range of pubs but the clubs aren't great and tend to be overpriced, although Lola Lo is good."
"We have lots of really lovely pubs and, although the clubbing isn't that major, it is still popular and lots of fun."
"There are many pubs. The clubs are not great but there are some good nights."
"The centre is always busy until early into the morning and there are plenty of places to eat and theatres to enjoy."
"There are four clubs in the whole city but there are lots of quaint pubs and some good bars so we have a nice mix."
"The city has a nice selection of pubs suiting different tastes and occasions. There's a lack of clubs though and something of a gown versus town problem."


"During the day: in spite of it being relatively small, there's an ample amount of things to do in Cambridge. Various park areas, sporting facilities, leisure activities (punting etc), as well as a huge range of places to eat. Evening: There are four nightclubs of wildly varying quality (Kuda, for example, is one which must be avoided at all costs), as well as a range of pubs and bars. There are also a range of regular collegiate-level events available for students to attend."
"There are four nightclubs, a few cocktail bars that are too expensive to go to, and many pubs (but again, fairly expensive)."
"Good if you like cheesy clubbing! There are lots of college bars and events too!"
"Theatre, punting, museums, shopping, college tours and more."
"There are three atrocious clubs but all fun and what you want for a good night out if you are with good friends. We also lay claim to Europe's (the world's?) Largest Wetherspoons."
"There is a limited choice of nightlife, beloved for its bad quality and enjoyed nonetheless."
"Hardly any good nightlife, better off going to London."
"Terrible clubs, good but expensive pubs."
"There are four clubs which range from awful to less awful. Cambridge isn't exactly renowned for its nightlife. Drinks are also expensive, though no match for London's prices!"
"Two main clubs with a few outliers. Plenty of wine bars, gin bars, pubs."

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