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Please comment on the location of your university (city, town, etc), the campus, the facilities, and student accommodation.
Location of university
8.7 / 10

(based on ratings in 2016)


"The university is right in the centre of town, which is really convenient and very aesthetic. The campus is spread out, which means it's a ten-minute walk to lectures but this is the furthest you'll ever have to walk in Cambridge. The facilities are really extensive but some of the buildings are a bit run down and the lecture rooms in the classics building are cramped. Libraries are really quiet with loads of natural light and a great supply of books. The bar is really nice and great for coffee on the go in the morning with a pastry and cheap drinks in the evening. The dinners in the hall are of a great standard and the accommodation ranges greatly. Some rooms are cramped and small with no sink, cracked walls and a bathroom/kitchen floor above your bedroom. Others are brand new refurbished rooms that are a great size with a lot of light and all the facilities you need. You'd be lucky to get an en-suite, but there are so many bathrooms that it really makes no difference."
"There is so much to do during the day. We have many homely pubs and two big shopping centres. We can go punting on the river and the college hosts many events including puppy therapy and massage sessions. There are always plays and concerts and if you do get bored (doubtful because of the amount of work), and we're only a short journey away from London so you could easily hop there for a day. The facilities are incredible and most of them are free. Each college and department has its own library in addition to the university library. Laundry is provided at all colleges and there is a bedder service (someone to clean your room)."
"Due to the college system, there is little problem with the location of the university. In terms of resources and facilities, every college has a lot to do during the day."
"Most colleges are very close to the centre of town, as is the accommodation, and facilities are all within a short distance from student accommodation. There is not all that much to do during the day (except sightseeing)."
"Cambridge is a nice, quiet town and living right in the centre of it is brilliant. The campus is a little spread out but it's worth having to walk across town to get to lectures and the proximity to the town centre is perfect for nights out."
"The town is effectively the university so it can be hard to tell them apart as the university is all around you. Accommodation varies wildly from college to college, as does the price and amenities provided. There is a good degree of access to centralised facilities on the whole but this is still an area for the university to improve."
"The university is basically in the centre of the city and not too far from London and airports so travelling is very easy. Facilities are well looked after but some student rooms need refurbishment."
"The location is fine and some colleges are further out of the city but, as Cambridge is a small city, this is not an issue. Transport is fair, although more could be done to make the city safer for cyclists as there are many of these in Cambridge. Accommodation varies widely in quality and price across the colleges, I think more could be done to make this more consistent."
"Everything is relatively close by and there is plenty to do including restaurants, bars, shops, nightlife, museums and cinemas etc."


"The city is great, there are a lot of attractions to see. I also love cycling here, it just feels so much safer than anywhere else."
"Good location (not far from London and its major airports). Almost everything is within walking distance."
"It's all pretty good. Although there are large differences between the colleges, which isn't fair on a lot of students."
"Very beautiful and lovely facility, with very good accommodation because of the college system."
"Campus in historic city. Facilities and accommodation good."
"City (but a tiny one). Very beautiful and enough to do thanks to the vibrancy of the student body. What might be an issue is that due to the collegiate system, there is a great variety of facilities available to students. I have seen lots of different colleges' accommodation and it spans a large price and quality gradient (something the Tab recently did a study of if you want to look at their conclusions of what was the most expensive college etc). The libraries are incredible, which may not be exciting but it's what we're really at uni for at the end of the day."
"Beautiful, beautiful city. Though naturally you become somewhat immunised to it after spending a few months here! Facilities are great, though student accommodation varies massively from college to college. At Kings, it is good, though the first-year lack of cooking facilities forces you to eat in the (pricey) canteen."
"Location is great. There are so many learning facilities which is great. Student accommodation is very expensive for what it is, but I feel that is due to Cambridge house prices rather than the college attempting to make profits from housing."
"Accommodation and facilities vary between colleges but are generally very good. The town is an hour from London, which is not too far. Campus is easily navigable by bicycle."
"The location is ideal for me, as it is close to London and home. The facilities are very good, the faculty and gym are very new. College facilities are great, although in need of an update in places. The student accommodation can vary between colleges. But our ballot system ensures you can live with your friends in clean rooms so overall it's good."

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