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Diverse backgrounds

Please let us know whether you think your university does enough to attract and cater for students from a diverse range of backgrounds?


"Caius seems to be the best campus for good diversity."
"While LGBT+ groups are somewhat well represented, BAME admissions at Cambridge are quite low."
"The uni has good access schemes within the UK but fewer abroad."
"The costs are prohibitive and intersectional issues can be ignored."
"The uni tries but it's difficult since you're competing against top private schools."
"The university is really trying, but it's not quite there yet. There's a wide range of different backgrounds but certain subjects are very concentrated and not representative of the general population. They're definitely doing what they can, though. There's also a disproportionately large number of private school pupils across the board, which is understandable to an extent, but still peculiar."


"The university certainly appears to be doing much to address the elitism and lack of diversity with which it has traditionally been associated, particularly through the use of its rigorous admissions process."
"There are a lot of societies and also representatives for minorities within various bodies in university and departments."
"They do try really hard, not sure whether it's working as well as it should."
"This is difficult as it has to do with socio-economics that transcend my university. But more access schemes would be useful."
"The university tries really hard to attract and cater for a diverse range of students, but for whatever reason it doesn't seem to be working that well."
"I think the university does try hard (and I helped with some access work at my college so I know that there are regular visits organised for different socio-economic brackets), but there are very enduring preconceptions about us. These are self-perpetuating if the groups who feel like they would not belong do not apply. Hopefully, given the (very slow) progress which is being made, change can accelerate and everyone who wants to come can be made to feel that they would fit in."
"The university tries its best to attract a diverse range of backgrounds and couldn't really do much more, especially with the amazing bursaries and summer school etc. The problem lies in the inequality in the school system."
"Millions are spent every year on access programmes. I applied after being a beneficiary of such a scheme."
"Historically, access/diversity at Cambridge is poor. But lots of improvement is being made consistently."
"Overall I think yes, but there are different sectors and colleges that could do with improvement. There is a great range of backgrounds, economically and culturally, in my college. Although it is still a predominantly white population."

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