University of Cambridge


What are the worst things about studying at your university?


"The intensity of academic pressure in an eight-week term."
"Everyone is very clever and determined so it can be quite a pressurising environment, especially during exam term. There are so many opportunities that it can be difficult to turn things down for some down time, or to chose between activities."
"Not having enough time to really be a part of societies and enjoy where I am living without falling behind on the high workload. There's a lot of pressure to do well, which is made worse by not really having a sense of knowing whether what you are doing is enough."
"There's a lot of hands-off lecturing and limited contact with supervisors."
"The workload is very intense! You've got to be prepared for it."
"We have a bureaucratic system, old facilities and a noticeable hierarchy within academia."


"Very high levels of work in a very short time period means it's quite intense. You don't really get a break even over the vacation periods."
"No sleep and HUGE workload leaves little time for socialising. There is a strange complex of feeling guilty every time you do something other than work and simultaneously worrying about not having enough of a life."
"Bureaucracy, expectations of student stress."
"The pressure. This uni is not great for people who cannot cope with a lot of pressure. Pressures and stresses obviously come in different forms but the heaviness of the work load required makes it hard for some people to cope with the degree alone, never mind integrating social and fun."
"Intense. Small demographic of people. Repetitive."
"Poor library hours."
"The workload is, undeniably, incredibly intense. There's simply not enough time to meet deadlines, participate in extracurricular activities, sleep and (dare I say it) relax a bit."
"The terms are only eight weeks long and the pressure on completing academic work is very stressful."
"Relatively quiet and small, nightlife leaves much to be desired, colleges can be insular (harder to meet people in other colleges)."
"Excessive workload; cost of living in Cambridge."

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