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Please comment on the support you’ve had from the careers services, the type of employers that present and recruit on campus, the effectiveness of the alumni network, as well as fairs and on-campus recruitment activity.


"There's a very supportive careers staff who are even available to help once we have left here."
"There are always dinner events with employers and reminders of deadlines for applications. There is all the help you need here. The alumni network is really inclusive and helpful and emails are always given out to offer help with CV writing etc. The employers who present on campus are from the top of their field and always show a great interest in the students they're talking to."
"Every employer comes to Cambridge, because they want Cambridge students. All types of employers recruit here including lots of banks, consultancies, engineering firms and law firms. Cantabs work in a wide range of areas and are in quite high positions, so it really helps. I would say that Cambridge is definitely less career-focused than other universities but this means that students get involved in a wide range of extracurriculars and focus on their work. The careers service has a vacancies page but it isn't widely publicised."
"There's plenty of support from the careers service, though most is aimed at final year undergrads. We receive weekly letters from external recruiters and have fairs from them or potential placement or internship organisers."
"The careers service is helpful and it informs us about vacancies for internships."
"The careers service is really useful, not just in advertising and targeting specific jobs but with careers advisers who can advise you more generally on what sort of job you might want to go into. Loads of employers host events and have stalls at careers fairs, but many of them specifically target science students, making things a little more difficult for arts students. The same goes for internships and placements advertised by the careers service."
"The careers service can be entirely credited for all the progress I have made in receiving job offers."
"Our careers service is very helpful with finding positions and working on CVs etc. There are several open days when the employers come so everyone can talk to the people from the places they like. It is possible to find summer internships in the departments in the university but not many groups have the funding for interns."
"The careers service is very active in offering CV reviews, mock interviews and guidance advice. Appointments can be difficult to get at certain times of the year but staff make an effort to give people the help they ask for. Campus recruitment operates all year round, generally through the law society and careers advice programme of events."
"The university careers service provides lots of training and information and puts on several big career fairs every year in different fields."


"Careers support at the university has been excellent. The Careers service are in constant contact via email and other means regarding new employment opportunities. Also, there have been a huge range of careers fairs and events involving a wide variety of noteworthy employers."
"Very good careers service, lots of employer presence at the university. The engineering department in particular."
"Lots of workshops to attend and opportunities to network. I have mainly attended events focused on banking and finance."
"The careers service are excellent and the campus fairs are frequent and extensive."
"Constant well advertised careers events while the careers service offers comprehensive support in the forms of practice psychometric tests and mock interviews."
"I'm only a first year but there are plenty of events put on with panel discussions that I have found useful for educating myself about careers I might want to pursue."
"I've signed up to the careers service, its website is very useful (through it, I've already found a placement this summer). I have yet to appear in person, however."
"Support from career service is awesome as they offer you different kinds of help, such as CV writing."
"The Cambridge careers service is a very useful tool, and I have been to many talks from career professionals. They also have networking events, and a website which allows you to email career professionals directly after the talk."
"There are a lot of career fairs and support. Law firms and corporate firms are the main employers that I've had interaction with, and they are very much pushed, which is great if that is the area you want to go into. There are fairs for subjects and careers in general which are well-received. Many firms take us out to dinner and have on-campus reps which is a personable way to recruit."

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