University of Cambridge
8.1 / 10 Overall Satisfaction
(based on 44 ratings in 2016)
In a few words
"I think the university does try hard (and I helped with some access work at my college so I know that there are regular visits organised for different socio-economic brackets), but there are very enduring preconceptions about us. These are self-perpetuating if the groups who feel like they would not belong do not apply. Hopefully, given the (very slow) progress which is being made, change can accelerate and everyone who wants to come can be made to feel that they would fit in."
Quality of facilities
8.5 / 10
Night life
6.5 / 10
Student union
5.3 / 10
How diverse is your university
5.9 / 10
Quality of teaching
8 / 10
Structure of courses
7.7 / 10
Preparation for a job
7.4 / 10

What students say about...

Location of university

"The city is great, there are a lot of attractions to see. I also love cycling here,..."

Night life

"Two main clubs with a few outliers. Plenty of wine bars, gin bars, pubs."

Clubs and social environment

"Sports clubs and societies are great. Theatre is phenomenal at Cambridge, best scene..."

Diverse backgrounds

"They do try really hard, not sure whether it's working as well as it should."

Careers services

"Support from career service is awesome as they offer you different kinds of help,..."


"One-to-one teaching; college experience; Cambridge is small so everything is nea..."


"Intense. Small demographic of people. Repetitive."

Teachers and parents

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