University of Bristol


What are the best things about studying at your university?


"The university has actually prepared a lot of support, either from the lecturers or from the seniors throughout the year, to help you to cope with your study and life in Bristol."
"Its ranking as a research university."
"The city is amazing. The student life here is the best! There is something for everyone and it isn't so big that you can't escape it every now and then if you choose to."
"There are lots of opportunities to meet different people and there's a good atmosphere at the university."
"The great nightlife, number of resources, 24-hour libraries in exam season, good teaching and opportunities for leadership."
"Getting great international support. The University of Bristol law clinic is outstanding and offers fantastic opportunities."
"The city is amazing, as are the people. My course is good with lots of contact hours and we're taught/trained to a high standard."


"The location within the city, freedom with modules and extracurricular opportunities."
"I really enjoy the overall atmosphere of Bristol in terms of academics and I also really like Bristol as a city."
"Great courses offered and good career prospects."
"Great social life and plenty of interesting things to do in the city as there are always events going on. A degree from Bristol is recognised to be a good degree and the location of the university is excellent."
"All the extracurricular things that they provide and the range of choices they offer."
"The expertise of the teachers and lecturers."
"It's very close to London and it's almost like a campus university within a city. The city itself is also manageable and not as daunting as London but has plenty of things to do and explore, as well as prevalent music, art, historical and social scenes."
"Teaching standards are exceptional and the university is beautiful."
"The course I'm doing is brilliant and my department is great. I have received a good amount of pastoral support and have also had some great job and development opportunities."
"The city is a great place to live and the university is not too large, which means you have the ability to easily contact staff and professors as well as being good for social reasons."

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