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How would you rate your university towns night life?
Night life
8.7 / 10

(based on ratings in 2016)


"There is something for everyone. There are cheesy clubs, clubs that stay open until 6.00 am and also some really traditional pubs, with Wetherspoons for students! There are also live music nights in Stoke's Croft and Cabot for fans of alternative music like jazz and rock."
"There's a wide variety of clubs and great pubs, there's lots to do in the city."
"There are loads of clubs of all different varieties and a pub on every street. There is plenty of shopping, a zoo, multiple cinemas, bowling and an aquarium. Bristol is a very busy place!"
"The nightlife is really amazing in Bristol and has a good reputation for good reason. Motion is the biggest club and gets loads of big DJs, events and acts all year. There's also Lakota and Blue Mountain, as well as smaller, mid-week student clubs such as Gravity, Lola Lo and Mbargos. I could go on. There's also really good pubs all over the city with my favourite being The Coronation Tap, which has 10% strength cider!"
"We have lots of clubs, pubs and cool music events as well as other quirky venues to try."
"There is a real mix in Bristol in terms of nightlife."
"The pubs are very good. The nightlife is great and there are so many different clubs around Bristol that accommodate different styles of music and venue. I particularly recommend Thekla."
"There are lots of pubs around Bristol, which is great, and most serve food too! The clubs closest to the university are very good but generally a bit smaller than others that are slightly further away such as SWX or Motion, which is not in walking distance. There are also lots of cocktail bars and restaurants that stay open until late."


"The usual nightclubs and pubs. There is an O2 arena where there are some pretty good gigs sometimes."
"There's a bit of everything, which makes up for the lack of a decent SU nightlife."
"Loads of pubs and bars as well as a mixture of amazing clubs offering loads of different types of music."
"There's every kind of nightlife and music you may like and plenty of places to go out to see live music and relax, including big clubs, smaller venues, cocktail bars and secret bars."
"There's a large variety of nightclubs to suit everyone's tastes as well as many bars and pubs. A great music scene with a variety of gigs and concerts to attend. You can also find a huge arts and drama scene if you're willing to look."
"There are plenty of clubs and bars around the university and further out. Bristol prides itself on having an incredible number of independent establishments so there really are places to suit everyone."
"Great variety of clubs whether you want cheesy or a bit more cool."
"Shops, cinema, bowling, museums, restaurants, cafes, laser tag and zoo. The list is endless. It's a large city so there is loads to do."
"There is some good live music and some nice restaurants and pubs. Most are quite rowdy and pricey."
"There are clubs, pubs, concerts, food festivals, art exhibitions, musicals and pantos etc."

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