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Diverse backgrounds

Please let us know whether you think your university does enough to attract and cater for students from a diverse range of backgrounds?


"The university tries to appeal to different students from different backgrounds by giving contextual offers. However, while the university may be socioeconomically diverse, it is not ethnically diverse."
"It's been mostly white middle-class people in the past but seems to be doing more now to attract people from diverse backgrounds."
"The student representatives all come from a wide range of backgrounds and my flatmate, who is Lebanese, was voted to become the undergraduate education officer."


"There are a variety of students but most are white and middle class."
"I don't think my university does very much to attract students from a diverse range of backgrounds."
"It has programmes promoting diversity and caters to all different religions."
"Very middle/upper class. In my experience there are few people from state schools and those that are have normally come from specialist/grammar schools etc. It can be isolating if you're from a lower class background."
"I believe there is enough to cater for students from diverse backgrounds and Bristol is very diverse as a city. However, the majority of students seem to be white and middle class."
"There are quite a lot of foreign students but, when it comes to students from the UK, the majority of students seem to be typically white, upper-middle class and privately educated."
"Yes. There are societies for people from different backgrounds."
"I think they do okay. They do various things with international students in mind although there is an overwhelming majority of white, middle class students. Other universities can be far more diverse by representing a lot more minorities and social classes."
"There are a lot of international students at Bristol and the university offers a three-week 'welcome' to help them arrive, settle in and get the important things (eg opening a bank account) done. However, tuition and living costs are very high, making it difficult for students from lower income families to attend. Scholarships are really hard to get too, especially when coming from certain countries. Therefore, there are a lot of students from wealthy families in Bristol, making it less diverse."

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