University of Bristol


What are the worst things about studying at your university?


"Most people are from private schools and boarding schools."
"Bristol is a relatively expensive place to live."
"It's a little annoying that lessons within the same degree can be scheduled in vastly different parts of the campus rather than within the same (or nearby) building(s)."
"Bristol is expensive to live in and it is far from where I live."
"There's a lack of help when it comes to students' mental well-being."
"The library is under equipped and the university accommodation could be better. Mental health awareness could be improved too."


"Although I have found most aspects of my course enjoyable, I feel like we have too few contact hours."
"The students' union is located far away from the main campus so it's not much of a hub for students."
"I would like to have more contact/lecture time."
"The geography department (despite being very highly regarded by employers, I hear) can be disorganised. It feels rare that something gets back to us on time, which is frustrating."
"The area is quite hilly. This makes it difficult to get around sometimes."
"There's not enough support or resources for international students in terms of career plans. The students' union isn't very effective or efficient, although it is better following the refurbishment."
"Arts are not highly prioritised at the uni."
"It's very crowded as there are a lot of students. This also means that less time is spent with tutors, there are long waiting lists for support services and there are crowded facilities including libraries. The city is also very expensive and congested with lots of cars but few roads, leading to lots of air pollution."
"It can feel like students' opinions are not listened to as much as they should be concerning things like accommodation."
"A lot of my friends (and myself) struggled to settle in first year due to mix-ups in accommodation, which was really annoying."

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