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Clubs and social environment

Please tell us more about the social environment, sports clubs and societies and anything else you think candidates need to know about life at your university.


"The students' union doesn't have as much coordination with students as it could and doesn't provide as much nightlife as some other universities. There are lots of different clubs and societies to join though."
"Sport is very competitive at Bristol but there a plenty of teams so you can opt for a more relaxed one! There's pretty much any society you can think of here. The gym membership is very expensive, which is annoying, but it is right in the middle of the uni so very convenient to get to."
"It's a great environment, there are clubs and societies for anything and for any ability."
"Bristol is a great place for sports clubs and societies and there are great freshers' fairs and social events every year."
"The social environment is very friendly and welcoming and there are many societies to join. If you can think of a society, it probably exists."
"The university gym pass is expensive but there are cheaper local options available."
"Loads of societies can be joined. You can go around different stands during the welcome week with representatives from the societies and find out what you would like to join. Each subject has its own society too and these are great for getting to know your course mates as they usually have an event every few weeks."


"You have to pay to join a university sports team. There are some pretty cool societies like the skydiving society or gliding society that offer some once in a lifetime experiences."
"Excellent. Sports clubs and societies are prestigious and well established."
"The variety is huge and there's always room for creating new things too."
"Lots of clubs in the SU but many are poorly organised and advertised."
"The music society is one of the best in the country. Almost every sport or activity is covered by a society and there is a big drama and musical theatre scene."
"It's a very friendly environment and most people socialise in the same areas so you're constantly running into people you know. There's a strong sense of shared experience among Bristol students. There is a really strong pastoral and academic support system in place as well as being able to go through peers."
"There are many societies to get involved in from sport to Chinese calligraphy to massage! The volunteering scene is impressive too."
"There's a huge range of sporting activities but they can be quite expensive. I personally couldn't afford to get a gym pass even though I really wanted one."
"Societies and events are great but sports clubs are significantly more expensive. The gym could do with more space for sports courts."
"Lots of focus on sport, which is positive, although it is expensive to do it (the gym membership especially is very pricey). There's a good sense of social identity at the uni due to the SU, who give students a very democratic voice, and there is a lot of political activism on campus."

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