University of Brighton


What are the best things about studying at your university?


"It's a small campus so lecturers know who you are and can form a bond, which I think makes for a better environment to learn in as well as a more relaxing one."
"The social life is brilliant and I love the town of Brighton as it's very suited to students. I thoroughly enjoy my course and the opportunity for trips that it offers."
"The atmosphere always feels so relaxed which, for me, makes it a better learning environment. There are also lots of social aspects that I enjoy and there are many different clubs and societies you can be a part of. For me, it just appears to be a friendly university overall."
"The wide diversity of the people who attend."
"Supportive staff and great social opportunities."
"Great surrounding area and campus. Passionate and effective teaching. Amazing course and links to the community through CUPP and volunteering."
"Everyone is very down to earth and ready to give advice, I love the vibe at my university!"
"The opportunities it brings. I've both volunteered and worked at many places in the university. It's by the sea and the facilities are quite good. Some of the lecturers are great."
"The location is incredible. There are so many things to occupy your time with when not at uni. The uni itself is also great and my lecturers are highly experienced in their fields and provide really engaging content."
"The variety of module choices, the extra activities that contribute to your studies, the support and resources offered."

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