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How would you rate your university towns night life?
Night life
8.0 / 10

(based on ratings in 2016)


"Brighton is extremely diverse with shops, the beach, the pier, clubs, bars and restaurants."
"Brighton is a great place to stay busy. Shopping in town is great as you have the main high street and get to experience all the quirky and cool shops down the Laines, which is always a nice experience. There are also many bus services to other parts of Sussex so you can take a day trip to other towns on the coast for not too much money. There are always different events on in the town so there is always something to do. In terms of nightlife, there are many clubs that offer student nights and, if you're more into a chilled-out mood, there are many pubs and bars that are nice to go to for a drink with friends. The place we hang out the most is a pub called the King and Queen, it's the biggest pub in Brighton and has a student night on Thursdays with great deals as well as karaoke on Tuesdays, which is always a great laugh. You can never be bored in Brighton as there's so much to see."
"There's so much to do that you could live here your whole life and still be finding new things to do in Brighton!"
"It's very good overall but did get expensive as time went on."
"Loads of clubs, pubs and parks as well as a beautiful beach that is lovely on a sunny day."
"There are lots of clubs down by the sea. My favourite is Coalition on a Tuesday because it plays rock music all night!"
"There are only a few clubs in town and two of them are in the top 10 worst clubs in the UK."
"There are about four clubs as well as quite a few pubs and chain restaurants. It's good in the summer when it's warm enough for the beach."
"Lots of restaurants and nice cafe bars. Many places for sports and just about everything a young person needs."
"There are so many places to go from small pubs to big nightclubs and each one is different so there is plenty of variety. It's impossible to have nothing to do!"

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