University of Brighton

Location of university

Please comment on the location of your university (city, town, etc), the campus, the facilities, and student accommodation.


"The campuses are very stretched out across Brighton rather than all being on one campus. My campus is particularly modern. The town is great to live in for a student with an excellent and cheap bus service. I have very little experience with accommodation but it seems okay."
"Brighton is split into three campuses. I study at Falmer campus, which is furthest from the town centre but it's in a good location with easy transport links. Falmer campus has been upgraded recently and the main lecture building is modern and new so all the facilities are very up to date. The gym on campus is of an excellent standard and offers a good deal for students. In terms of accommodation, I live in a student house halfway between town and campus. Houses are expensive in Brighton and you can't get everything but there are a lot of options for students in terms of houses."
"It's an amazing city with both urban and green spaces. There's also the downs and the sea so what more could you ask for? There are great facilities on campus but I'd like there to be a local coffee shop here too."
"Campus was in a good location, not directly central but easy to get to. The accommodation wasn't that great in areas. Mine was nice but came at a price and wasn't as easily accessible."
"It's a lovely city and has a nice campus with up-to-date facilities. Accommodation is clean and quiet."
"I think the location of my university is really good. It's close to town and a lot of the uni accommodation. Some of the facilities are quite old while others are really new."
"It's a good city. The facilities are above average and I use private student accommodation because there is a lack of university-owned housing and halls."
"I was at Varley Park in my first year and the student accommodation (as well as the catering) was great. My campus is spread out across an expanse of area and the building my course is located in is dated and old, which I think is a shame. That said, the rest of the facilities such as the library, the SU and the other buildings are great and modern."
"The location is great and Brighton is full of young people. The university underwent some refurbishment last summer and now it looks fresh and modern. I haven't used student accommodation."
"Student accommodation can be quite poor due to Brighton University not having enough halls for first year students, which can lead to a lot of stress. The campuses are spread quite far so it does mean a lot of travelling depending on where you live."

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