University of Brighton


What are the worst things about studying at your university?


"My accommodation isn't very close to campus so I can't really walk to uni. I don't personally think there are enough contact hours."
"We are quite far away from the main campus of Brighton (as we are in Eastbourne) and we can sometimes feel a bit separate."
"It offers little accommodation and only for those who put it down as their first choice. It's also a very expensive area for renting housing."
"Things can sometimes feel a bit unorganised."
"I feel that we don't always get a lot of contact time for the amount of money we are paying to be here. Brighton is also only slightly cheaper than London but it's still rather pricey in terms of accommodation and travel."
"The student union does not organise many interesting events."
"The library return system is irritating if another student needs the book before your original turn-in date."
"The lack of library/revision space. Also the accommodation prices."
"The location of the campus (Falmer) is slightly far out from town."

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