University of Bradford


What are the best things about studying at your university?


"The cheap living costs are really handy and the staff are nice."
"It's a small uni with a nice community feel. I like the students' union and the fact that there are a lot of work opportunities."
"A high rate of graduates go on to study medicine. Being a small university means there are more opportunities to take leadership roles in sports clubs and societies."
"The location is in the city centre and the whole university is eco-friendly too, which gives it a clean and pristine feeling when walking through the campus. The teaching is impeccable and there are great people from all nationalities here."
"The university has a good reputation."
"There are good transport links and the uni is very multicultural."
"I like the size of the building and the good level of technological equipment."
"You have access to everything including a great library, computer facilities, a cafeteria, a great careers service centre, clubs and much more. The university has a great success rate and you get all the support you need from academics in the learner support group."
"The teaching is of a high standard and the lecturers are always willing to explain the subject to you in a clear and concise manner. It's very multicultural and I am surrounded by diverse and friendly people. There are a lot of social activities, both in the uni and around it, to participate in. The students' union is a great place to socialise and meet people with similar interests to you (and have a game of pool while you're at it). It's also surrounded by a variety of food places including Dessert, which is my personal favourite."

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