University of Birmingham


What are the best things about studying at your university?


"Good location. Halls are surrounded by lots of green space and feel very safe. Welfare services are excellent. Red brick buildings are very aesthetically pleasing."
"The guild of students and its drama societies. The beautiful campus. The enthusiastic and inspiring teachers. The city of Birmingham. The fact that all the students live in houses so close to each other, so we have a real sense of our own community."
"Location of being in a city with a campus that is calm but still buzzes with city life. Birmingham was (when I applied) the number one university for sport and still stands in the top five."
"The atmosphere has always felt very friendly and inclusive, the campus is beautiful, the city is great."
"The city is so big, there is so much to do and the campus is beautiful. I like that everything is contained in one place. There's plenty of nightlife, supermarkets, shopping and bars/restaurants. There is a train station both in Selly Oak and on campus itself. It's only a few minutes ride into the centre of town, everything is so easily accessible. Also it's not far to walk to campus living either in halls or Selly Oak."
"Beautiful campus, good transport links, good facilities, high quality teaching."
"The campus is very close knit and it is easy to get to one building from another. The convenience of the train station (it is literally on campus) is also a very important to me as a commuting student. Furthermore, there are a few building projects occurring (a new library and sports centre) so there are always improvements being made to campus."
"The course is intellectually stimulating. The campus is easily accessible, beautiful and helps to form a sort of community for students. I have made a lot of brilliant friends. The accommodation is comfortable and I enjoy my room. The social life."
"Beautiful campus, lots of facilities on site, lots of learning and work space available. Lots of support available through your college and the student hub, lots of volunteering groups and societies, careers support is very good."
"Being a campus university located in a nice surrounding area and having mass greenery on campus while still being a short and low cost 10 minute train journey/taxi ride from the busy, exciting city centre."

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