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Night life
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"There's all sorts from mainstream to alternative, including jazz bars and plenty of student clubs."
"There's a wide choice of clubs but all play fairly generic music to please the masses. There could be more niche events going on around town. The sports night is always a reliable laugh in the union."
"There are a range of pubs, clubs and bars but cost can be an issue. There are some indie venues such as the Night Owl and the town is also close to other towns via transport links such as Coventry meaning you can visit other venues there."
"The university runs a very popular night on Fridays called Fab N Fresh that is almost always sold out. It's very convenient as it's just in the Guild of Students so there's no need to worry about getting a taxi or an Uber into town. It's very casual so you don't have to dress up for it and, as it's on campus, there is a lot of security on the door to make people feel safe. You do have to go into the city centre for a night out in a club or bar as most of the good clubs are located on Broad Street (Pryzm, Players, Rosie's etc) and Snobs is on Queensway near the Bullring. There's music for every taste in Birmingham from cheesy pop in Popworld, Nightingales and Pryzm to house and techno at the Rainbow Venues in Digbeth. In terms of pubs, the Vale has its own pub called the Duck and Scholar that has quiz nights and good drink deals. Selly Oak also has various pubs (Wetherspoons, the S'oak, Urban Village etc) where you can watch sport and drink fairly cheaply."
"There are plenty of clubs, restaurants from different cuisines and activities such as indoor rock climbing. There are also plenty of yoga and dance classes."
"We have a whole street dedicated to night life (Broad Street) including a load of other clubs dotted around the city centre."
"The nightlife is extensive. There are many pubs, lounges and live music venues in the student village of Selly Oak. There are many clubs for regular student nights as well as some really classy bars in the city. There is also a big underground music scene catering to many different genres and bringing in DJs from across the world. Transport to, from and around the city is cheap and convenient with many clubs within walking distance from one another. There are also lots of quieter pubs in the city and an amazing food festival every Friday and Saturday called Digbeth Dining Club that serves up street food and groovy music."
"There's a great variety of clubs for every taste. There is a student night on in town practically every night at a different club. There's a really good choice of pubs in Selly Oak and the SU has a student evening called 'Fab', which is exclusive to UoB students and really fun."
"There are club nights and pubs for every occasion and something to suit everyone's tastes including raves (rainbow/custard factory), indie (propaganda), chart (Pryzm), cheesy (Popworld) and rap/grime (Stuesdays). Also, the students' union has Fab N Fresh at uni, which is amazing. There really is something for everyone and pubs are easily accessible in the town centre and near the student village. Also, in terms of activities outside of clubbing, there are things for people who don't drink including ice skating at the Christmas market, paintballing and bowling."
"There are two bars around the university, the Goose and the Soak. Both serve good food and provide a platform for university students to unwind after a long day of school. The nightlife is pretty intense on Wednesdays and Fridays. There are social events such as Stuesdays (stupid Tuesdays) as well as a sports night that allows students from different faculties to mingle and get to know one another."


"Plenty of bars and clubs, from the mainstream to something a 'little different'. Also: many restaurants (High End and Faith Street) to enjoy. There is also the NIA, Symphony Hall and the NEC for various shows, conventions etc."
"There are a lot of things. The Bullring shopping centre is only 10 minutes by train for example."
"Lots of places to go out in the evening for food/drinks. It's a cultural city with many art galleries, museums, shops and places to explore."
"There is a lot. There are several pubs and clubs in the city centre and more pubs can be found closer to the university. There are also sightseeing places, museums, restaurants, shops and a mall."
"There is always a good night out to be had in Birmingham. But just like any other city, it can be a little dangerous at times."
"Giant trampoline centre, laser tag, clubs, bars, restaurants, concert venues, exhibition centres, Sea Life Centre, Cadbury World, football including Birmingham City, Aston Villa, and West Brom."
"Everything! So many nightclubs, bars, restaurants, canals, shopping, cinemas, sea life centre, museums, NIA, Christmas markets etc."
"So much choice for a night out in Birmingham, there's Broad St, the Arcadian, and Hurst St which has Snobs nightclub. There's also the Digbeth and Rainbow venues. A lot of variety, definitely caters for all types of people. Birmingham is also fantastic for food, with some incredible independent restaurants. I use the blog 'Independent Birmingham' to find the best foodie spots. Birmingham has everything you would expect the second biggest city to have."
"It is the second biggest city in the UK so of course it has some of the best nightlife. There is practically a night out every day of the week if you think you can hack it! So much choice in terms of music scenes from house to pop and grime chucked in there for good measure."
"Events for everyone. Rainbow for more EDC – nights at Popworld for those who like it cheesy. Standard clubbing night found on Broad Street."

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