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Location of university

Please comment on the location of your university (city, town, etc), the campus, the facilities, and student accommodation.


"City of Birmingham, Edgbaston Campus has a very traditional aesthetic with the redbrick buildings. However, there are new developments happening to create a modern feel as well. Main student accommodation is on the Vale (about 10 minute walk from campus), which has accommodation for all different financial needs. There is also other accommodation available and, once first year is over, everyone moves to Selly Oak, which is known as the 'Student Village'."
"Being close to the city centre with good transport links is ideal. The facilities on campus are really good, I can usually find a study space – booking in advance is key. Accommodation has improved and even if you are off campus the halls you are in are still great fun as they are closer to the centre of Birmingham and have transport links into uni."
"The city that my university is by is very busy and traffic can be very bad."
"Everything is within a reasonable distance from each other – except that the medical school is slightly away from campus, which makes it difficult to integrate when I don't spend any time on campus."
"The campus at the university is absolutely beautiful, with markets held once a month and fruit stalls on the campus, it's a gorgeous atmosphere and makes going into campus not such a chore! I stayed in Tennis Courts accommodation and was very happy there with lots of support from reps etc."
"The campus is gorgeous, friendly, small and easy to navigate. The facilities are nearly always available and the accommodation is good and varied, for the most part. There is the issue of crime for many second years living in Selly Oak, but other than that the facilities are to a good quality."
"Location is great – very close to city centre and close to student accommodation. The campus is beautiful, with great facilities and new ones being built ready for next September. Accommodation is incredible, the majority of people live in one area so there are lots of opportunity to socialise."
"It is a traditional, red-brick campus university just outside of Birmingham city centre. The university is currently building a brand-new state of the art library and sports centre which are due to open in September. Other than the library there are many places around campus to study, and also to hang out with friends. The student accommodation has a very wide variety of options and prices to cater for everyone's needs. It's about a 15 minute walk from campus for the main village, but some of the accommodation is closer to campus too."
"Perfect location very close to Birmingham's city centre. I stayed in student accommodation first year and it was very good. However, I decided to move home second and third year as the student housing is in Selly Oak, which is quite an unsafe area with high crime rate."
"The university is very close to the city centre and has its own train station on campus, which makes transport to and from uni very efficient. Bus links around the city are relatively good as well. The campus is beautiful and nearly all departments are based on the Edgbaston campus. There are lots of amenities on campus such as cafes, coffee shops, food stores, etc. There are lots of work spaces as well."

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