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Diverse backgrounds

Please let us know whether you think your university does enough to attract and cater for students from a diverse range of backgrounds?


"Definitely – Chamberlain award for the underprivileged."
"It does. Especially by encouraging different societies such as the Sikh Society, Hindu Society, Islamic Society etc to host events for all to attend."
"There are lots of societies for all different religions, ethnicities, and sexualities to make people feel very comfortable and help with making friends of the same mind."
"Yes, I think it does a lot. It has lots of international students so there are many events for international students to help them mingle, it also provides English support for those whose first language is not English. The students' union elects a sabbatical officer to help the diversity at the uni."
"I myself am from Lithuania, we have an Eastern European society and many others to represent all the cultures and countries at the university. There are many diversity related campaigns, events and surveys being run."
"Really active faith groups with a big campus presence."
"The university runs outreach events for local under-performing schools (or schools where the children are less likely to go to university) in an attempt to interest the children in higher education. The university has an A2B access system to lower the grades for candidates from less well performing schools. Also, there are many bursaries and scholarships available because money shouldn't be an issue for students who want to go into higher education."
"They have international student tea for international students. They also held Nigerian socialising events as Nigerians are one of their top enrollers. Also, I was told by one of my Nigerian friends that they had a university ambassador arrive to attract and help students enroll in courses at University of Birmingham."
"It certainly does. I'm an EU student and was offered a lot of support. English language support is also available."
"In terms of different ethnicities and religions, it is extremely diverse. There are quite a few private school educated students (more than you might expect) but this does not detract from the experience at all."

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