University of Birmingham


What are the worst things about studying at your university?


"Security around the first year accommodation is poor."
"Expensive compared to much of the North for housing and nights out."
"Sometimes the department is disorganised and there are large discrepancies between staff markers. Also, Selly Oak is quite dangerous and prices are rocketing, which seems unfair."
"Finding a computer in exam season is a bit like trying to bag a sunbed at a busy holiday resort."
"Some departments are poorly organised. Most of the plugs on campus don't work."
"Sometimes study spaces are too busy, there are not enough plug sockets. Short loan items/not enough long loan books, the crime rate in Selly Oak makes students anxious."
"Finding a learning space with a plug socket is sometimes difficult due to the volume of students and lack of learning spaces."
"Selly Oak isn't that safe for a student area. Disciplines that aren't located near the guild of students are sometimes unaware of events on. Some aspects of how my course is."
"Student living area (Selly Oak) has quite a lot of crime and robberies, which can feel worrying."
"It is not as culturally diverse as I had expected."

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