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Please tell us more about the social environment, sports clubs and societies and anything else you think candidates need to know about life at your university.


"The Wayfarers Society runs regular hiking trips in the surrounding countryside and is a great way to meet new friends and take a break from life on campus. The LGBTQ association is also very welcoming and sociable."
"There are a wide variety of sports clubs and teams including martial arts and equestrian. The sports centre also hold various aerobics and exercise classes at a good price. Each course/academic department organises at least one big social per calendar year for students to socialise with each other."
"There are a whole range of societies to choose from that can be related to all sorts such as culture, food, religion, sport and pop culture etc. There are numerous sports teams to join as well or you can simply play recreationally with some friends."
"There are a load of societies and, if there isn't one you want, you can set new ones up really easily. There's a really friendly atmosphere and the universities really encourage you to make the most of opportunities."
"Birmingham has lots of societies and clubs and many of them are free while others require fees. Many students get involved, especially in the sports societies since there is a strong emphasis on sport. The students' union (ie guild of students) puts on lots of extracurricular, social and career events."
"All of the societies have stalls at the societies fair in September and January to attract new members and virtually anything you could possibly want can be found there. The new sports centre, 360 Fitness, has just opened with an Olympic-length pool, climbing wall, gym and many classes."
"The university has plenty of sports and the societies vary from cultural to social. These can include campaigning and fundraising such as UNICEF, community groups, volunteering, cultural and international, and indoor activities etc."
"There are lots of sports on a fun and competitive level and the new gym has lots of facilities and a friendly atmosphere. There are also many societies, all of which are advertised at a fair during fresher's week and also online, making them easily accessible. Many courses also have their own societies helping students to socialise with their course friends outside of the lectures."
"There's a huge choice of societies to get involved in on campus, almost everything has a society and many are cheap and easy to get involved in. There are sports clubs for almost every sport out there. The friendly and sociable environment at UoB is the perfect mix of a university with a good social life and a good education."
"It's a great social environment and the students are all together in one village, which is great. Sports clubs are, again, amazing. There are social clubs as well as competitive, which really helps to get people into sport and fitness. The new gym is more expensive but it has the best quality facilities and over 200 classes available per week. There are also over 200 societies so there's something for everyone whether it be a cocktail society, dance society, religion society or charity fundraising society. We have real diversity, which is really appealing."


"There are over 200 societies, ranging from sports to Harry Potter – something for everyone. I am part of the Photosoc, one of the media societies, and enjoy the weekly workshops/meetings/trips. I have met some great people and am able to earn money on the side as part of their freelance photography network. Also, I am on the committee next year (I am only a first year), something I am very excited about."
"I'm a member of UoB music society, which is great for ensembles and socials (not exclusive to music students!). Also a member of BurnFM where I present a show, which has been really fun and great for my CV."
"There is a wide range of sport clubs available at Birmingham. From ultimate frisbee to climbing to skydiving to American football and rowing. There are also plenty of social groups to join. If you have a hobby or interest, the likelihood is that there will be a society for you to join."
"There are so many societies to choose from - and if there isn't one already set up that you are interested in, it is very easy to create your own. Lots of people get involved in the societies so it's a great way to meet people. I meet people through drama societies and plays we put on, dancing, judo, kickboxing etc."
"Lots of sports played around uni. You can also book pitches to play during your free time with friends."
"There are 53 sports clubs, and most of them offer differing levels of ability from absolute beginner to top national player level. They have different intensities too, so if you don't want to compete you don't have to. The new sports centre will be a great asset to Birmingham and shows the university's dedication to improving sport. There are lots of different societies too. Some are education-based, like the Francophile society, and others are volunteer based like Buddy a Granny. Some are for indoor activities and some for outdoor, there are representation societies and faith societies. And if you can't find anything you like then you can set up your own."
"Strong uni newspaper, good range of societies of all different varieties."
"Huge variety of sports, all very competitive with multiple teams. Lots of non-sporting societies too, from the usual debating and drama to the unusual Harry Potter and DJ/radio station societies. Plenty of alcohol social events as well as non-alcohol ones. Lots of volunteering opportunities to get involved in too."
"There are loads of different social activities to do at University of Birmingham. From different sporting activities to cooking and book clubs. Everyone can find something they are interested in here."
"There are TONS of sports clubs to choose from, hundreds. From competitive to just for fun, ultimate frisbee to pole dancing, there is literally everything and you might as well get involved! Same with societies. With over 200 there are so many to choose from to make your uni life more interesting and your CV stand out. From battle re-enactment to brum dine with me. They have EVERYTHING!"

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