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Please comment on the support you’ve had from the careers services, the type of employers that present and recruit on campus, the effectiveness of the alumni network, as well as fairs and on-campus recruitment activity.


"The careers service provides lots of opportunities such as one-to-one sessions on your next career steps and lots of big names such as PwC and HSBC come to campus. Short-term placements and work experiences are available in multiple locations ranging from the Midlands to further afield such as London and even abroad. These are divided into paid and unpaid, so you have options to suit you. We're also made well aware of the bursaries available to us to cover our costs whilst on these."
"The Guild of Students offers job opportunities while at university. There is a careers network that helps students to find internships and graduate jobs as well as helping with CVs and cover letters. There is also a strong alumni programme."
"The careers service is really helpful as there are lots of workshops and talks available but also one-to-one meetings as well. I do not know much about the alumni network but there are lots of employment opportunities as lots of companies recruit brand/campus reps from UoB to promote the brand around university (eg Red Bull, VS PINK, Innocent, Soap and Glory). Most courses offer placement years or work experience but this was not an option for BSc psychology."
"There's so much support from personal tutors and the support staff. Work experience with lecturers is available in the university over summer for those wanting to do masters and PhDs. The English department sends out a weekly email with bespoke internships for the University of Birmingham and other general internships to apply for."
"The careers service is fantastic for advice and guidance on applying for jobs. You can send your CV over to them via email and they will look at it and give you feedback within a week. You can apply to have a mentor who can guide you and your career aspirations for a year and the list of mentees is fantastic. There are some work placements that are open solely to University of Birmingham students as well as lots of internships at big companies such as Rent-a-Car, Rolls Royce and Bloomberg. The list goes on."
"Being a student who has aspirations of becoming a barrister, I've found the information regarding this has been a bit lacking. My university's law society and careers service focus more on becoming a solicitor. I've found that I've been lacking sufficient skills to be successful in my applications when applying to mini-pupillages this summer."
"The careers service provides application support, practice interviews and bursaries to help cover costs, as well as hosting subject-specific careers fairs, and the support continues after graduation. Many large employers recruit on campus (P&G, EY). The careers network provides support with applying for work experience, but finding posts is independent."
"The careers service has provided us with thousands of opportunities to get in touch with employers and to prepare ourselves for work with careers fairs, bursaries, CV writing sessions, information on how to prepare for interviews and one-to-one appointments. There are placements available for students from every year within the university, in companies outside the university and in other countries. The mentoring network allows undergraduates to get in touch with alumni to get help with career decisions."


"There are lots of workshops, but I feel employment should be pushed more in second year."
"There are lots of workshops, career fairs and career events, often company-led ones. There is also a one-to-one advice service available as well as a CV clinic. They continually improve their services and events."
"Career services are always around, particularly in our school as we have a hub to meet and discuss careers and problems in our Atrium. There are many fairs for graduate opportunities that are always well advertised and very useful to attend."
"Law school is very commercial based, when I wanted to be a lawyer this bothered me as it wasn't my interest. However, now that I am looking to become a social worker and apply for a masters, I am just starting out and know I can go to the careers service about this if need be."
"I think there is a lot of help available and when you can get to it, it's very very helpful. But there should be better advertisement of services available."
"Although I have not yet used their services, we have a branch of careers services dedicated to computer science students. There's a strong presence of many major companies on campus. There's PwC, Capgemini, Barclays, etc to name a few. The two-day career fair, which is held every year, is amazing both for gathering information and freebies. In addition, there are loads of pop-up events organised by different colleges and companies."
"The careers network is an excellent resource, you just have to use it yourself as they don't come to you. They run a personal skills award course which is brilliant as they hold workshops on assessment centres for graduate jobs. They also have top employers come in for talks and to host mock assessment days to prepare you. There are people you can discuss your career plans with and bursaries are available for internships and work experience both from outside companies and the university. We get many on-campus recruitment talks by companies such as Teach First, PwC and Enterprise etc."
"The career service at the University of Birmingham was amazing. It was just a shame that as I got much busier with my studies, I was unable to take part in everything that was offered. As I was doing law we had our own career service specifically to help. There was also a club that provided career information as well as the huge network provided by the main career service. Plus we are given the opportunity to book career sessions to help improve our CV as well as help us with applications, mock interview and mock assessments for applications. The University of Birmingham offers an amazing career service."
"The careers service was great when I was applying for a PGCE course, and I know they offer lots of other support services. I also know that the alumni community are very encouraging and want to be involved in helping undergraduates."
"We have a dedicated careers team who have checked my CV, helped me decide future career paths and generally helped out tons! We have lots of careers fairs including a dedicated law one. We also have many work experience and internships fairs with dedicated people on hand to help you look for future career options."

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