University of Aberdeen


What are the best things about studying at your university?


"The lecturers really know their stuff and make the lectures really interesting."
"The geography course cohort is quite small and the department is really approachable so it's a really comfortable working environment. Over the years we have become a close-knit group and have come to know the lecturers. The university is of a comfortable size with great facilities for study and sports making it an excellent place to be for work and play. Being in Aberdeen means that you get the benefits of city living while having the countryside on your doorstep if you fancy escaping for the weekend or heading out for a walk somewhere different. There are lots of societies and sports clubs to get involved in."
"I love being at a university that's so close to the sea as I like to surf. Being so close to the countryside makes it easy to enjoy outdoor activities."
"Getting opportunities to gain work experience with my lecturers."
"Staff are fantastic. We have relatively small class sizes and hands-on lab work."
"The study abroad options were good and we're in a beautiful part of the country."
"It's in Scotland, so there are no fees and it's a good city that's not too big or too small. The university is stable in the rankings with a vibrant international community and we have some really great lecturers, especially in the Law School. The infrastructure here is great, the main building looks like Hogwarts."
"The university has strong links with the oil and gas industries and this gives us a lot of opportunities."
"Excellent library and a beautiful campus."
"It's a beautiful campus and the Aberdeen sports village is great. We have hundreds of societies and the teaching is good."

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