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Night life
7.3 / 10

(based on ratings in 2016)


"There are many clubs, pubs, and bars that you can go to in Aberdeen. It is a very student-orientated city centre at night with a variety of places catering for all types of social nights."
"There are many clubs in Aberdeen from ATIK to Exodus, most of which are very popular with students and make for a good night out. However, pubs such as the Bobbin and triple Kirk's are definitely the best places to go."
"There are plenty of options to socialise in the city and it's very safe, even at night."
"The city has clubs and bars of all varieties that cater to all tastes from pop to disco to techno. They're also relatively reasonably priced across the board."
"There are plenty of pubs in the city and lots of clubs. There are two cinemas and a big number of restaurants. We also have two medium sized shopping centres and lots of high street shops. There are not a lot of museums though."
"The nightlife in Aberdeen is concentrated into a handful of nightclubs but, make no mistake, the nightlife is very much alive. Wednesday and Saturday nights are the busiest nightclub nights in Aberdeen. There are also many pubs in Aberdeen that are within close proximity of the nightclubs as well as two student pubs on or near campus."
"There are some places where you can dance and they are pretty popular during freshers' week. In terms of pubs, there are some pretty good ones with nice prices and selections. A couple of places also have student discounts."
"We have many really nice bars and pubs to go to, all with cheap prices during the week for students. NOX nightclub is more upmarket on Mondays and Thursdays and Institute is where everyone goes on Wednesday because it has cheap prices and is always busy. Underground is also fun for a cheesy night out and there are Tunnels and Unit 51 for a more techno night."


"There are several clubs, though these are pretty generic. There are loads of pubs and bars, though not as many that students go to regularly. Every now and then a band will visit that is worth seeing and there is often live music on somewhere."
"Decent DJs always come to Tunnels in Aberdeen but there aren't many good nightclubs. There are a few nice bars but not much diversity."
"There are a couple of clubs and some of them play decent music."
"There are lots of bars, restaurants, clubs, cinemas, theatres and music halls etc."
"There are many pubs, bars, restaurants and nightclubs. Everyone can find something suitable for their needs and there are also cultural venues. It's generally a good city to be in but it doesn't have as much as bigger cities. However, that is not necessarily a bad thing."
"There's good shopping, a beach, bars/pubs/clubs, museums and art galleries."
"You can go climbing, biking, sightseeing, shopping or take strolls in the park etc."
"There are lots of decent pubs and a few popular clubs. I love a cheeky Exo Tuesday."

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