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Please comment on the location of your university (city, town, etc), the campus, the facilities, and student accommodation.
Location of university
7.6 / 10

(based on ratings in 2016)


"I think we should have a cafeteria open more hours that the one we already have. For example, the library cafeteria is very useful and needed for our student life but the prices are very high. If these weren't as high, I think people would spend more money there and it would be a step forward in facilitating students' lives."
"It is conveniently located not too far away from the city and the campus itself is in an amazing and picturesque place. The facilities are excellent and include a new, modern library with many resources available. The student accommodation is fairly nice and pleasant to live in, with plenty of activities offered to students."
"Campus is in its own sector of the city and the accommodation is good but expensive. We have top facilities but could do with more modern buildings and more computer suites at exam time."
"I think Aberdeen is fairly standard as a city but the proximity of the uni and centre is very good. It's easily walkable and the transport system is good. Student accommodation is very good and there is a vast range of private and uni halls as well as good flats that are mainly in the same place so you can live close to friends. The gym is very good but there is no union or restaurants around campus, nor are there any pubs or bars so you have to go into the city centre for these."
"We're a 30-minute walk from the city centre, which has many excellent eateries, three malls, two cinemas, multiple music venues and a stunning theatre with cheap student tickets. There's cheap and regular bus travel, on-campus cafes (Kilau is great) and also a Starbucks. We have exceptional gym facilities that are well priced including an aquatics centre. We're 25 minutes from the beach and we also have a theme park, an ASDA and a wall-climbing centre. On top of that, there's a cat cafe in the city centre and many gorgeous parks nearby."
"There are countless spots to meet for a coffee with friends or for a drink in one of the bars on campus. The Sir Duncan Rice library is easily the most striking building in the city and all of the old picturesque parts of the town are university buildings. There are many societies that offer numerous sports activities."
"The location is amazing and beautiful. The facilities are good but more computers should be available for all students to use. The student accommodation is alright but EXTREMELY expensive. I lived in the cheapest university accommodation in my first year where I shared with six others and it was extremely basic. Now I have half of a really nice flat in a better location, shared with one other and my rent has gone down by almost 50%. The university accommodation is unjustifiably expensive."
"The uni location is good but, while the library is lovely, there are not enough computers or seating space. The gym is very good, as are the campus cafes and dining areas. There's plenty to do during breaks including nice places to sit and study or chat. Buses in Aberdeen are expensive though."
"I like the location of the university. It has nice facilities and supports all students for the most part. Some of the accommodation could use a little renovation, but it is not unacceptable and I personally prefer it to be cheaper than nice looking."
"The town centre is close and easily accessible from the main campus by foot or by bike. The health sciences campus is well serviced by buses and there's a free shuttle bus between the two university campuses. There's plenty of provision for teaching and the labs and study space are good. The sports facilities are world class and there are plenty of catering options on site as well as decent student halls. There's plenty to do in Aberdeen as well as it's a very vibrant student-friendly city with lots to offer. There's something for everyone."


"It's far from other parts of the country and there aren't a lot of cultural events outside of the university."
"It's a good central location close to both town and accommodation."
"We're on a great campus, but some buildings could be improved."
"The University of Aberdeen is in the city and has two campuses, Foresterhill (the medical campus at the hospital) and Kings (the main campus located about 20 minutes' walk north of the city centre). The student accommodation is located at Hillhead, about a 20 minute walk north of the main campus through Seaton Park. The sports village is next to the main campus."
"There's not a lot to do in town and campus is quite far from the city centre. The accommodation is good so long as it's not provided by the uni."
"The university is conveniently located and facilities are good."
"Beautiful buildings with a brilliant and modern library. Aberdeen itself is a bit grey but there is plenty to do."
"Not the best weather. The campus and the facilities are modern and well maintained. The university is one of the oldest in the UK so it has really impressive traditional architecture as well. Student accommodation is generally expensive, but available."
"The campus is situated north of the city centre. The library and buildings etc are all situated on the same campus, which is handy. Some student accommodation is situated on campus and some to the north in the student village."
"It's close to the shops and close to town so there's no need to use public transport."

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