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Please comment on the location of your university (city, town, etc), the campus, the facilities, and student accommodation.
Location of university
7.9 / 10

(based on ratings in 2016)


"Transport is good and the location is a few miles out of the city centre, so you have to walk or take a bus. There are few quiet places to do group work or individual work without people talking or being disturbed, which is the main weakness of the university. We need better areas where students and staff are not disturbed. Student accommodation is not very good and is expensive for what you get. However, rent has gotten cheaper."
"The location of the university is excellent as it is not too central but is near enough to the centre that it has all the bus links going past it. The sports village is directly opposite and the best pub in Aberdeen is really close by too."
"The position of the campus is slightly away from the city centre, although definitely still within walking distance. Regarding the facilities, the quality of the equipment is up to date and modern. The sports complex is huge and top notch in quality. I could not ask for more."
"Our location is perfect and pretty close to the city centre and very close to the beach. The library is very nice but some lecture theatres are very old and not comfortable. The old campus is very beautiful."
"The location is ideal as the university buildings are quite close instead of being spaced out around the city like some universities. My student accommodation was clean and suitably located for my first year at university. During the day, facilities such as the botanic gardens and the science museum are interesting places to visit."
"Aberdeen is not an exciting city. While it is safe, Aberdeen suffers from its locale being in the far north east of the UK, leading to fewer organised events and community-oriented pastimes than in a larger and more southerly city such as Glasgow. The facilities on and around university campus, however, are fairly good and provide students with whatever they may need when studying or trying to stay in shape. Unfortunately, Aberdeen's student accommodation is rather poor as prices on housing can be unaffordable for those on a shoestring student budget and there is a surplus of exorbitant 'luxury' en-suite student housing among student accommodation firms that aren't partnered with the university."
"The location is a 15-minute walk from the city centre where there are many shopping facilities and restaurants as well as train and bus stations. The campus is beautiful and it's one of the oldest universities in Britain. The library is spectacular with secure entry using student cards so only students have access. There are many computer facilities including state-of-the-art software programs and printing facilities. Hillhead halls is a 10-minute walk from the uni through a beautiful park and has great facilities including a laundry service, good security, a shop, a hang-out area and a courtyard. The flats in New Carnegie Court are lovely with their own en-suites. During the day, the beach is only a 20/30-minute walk from uni/halls, which has an arcade, cafés, ice cream parlours, a theme park, bowling and mini golf. Also, the city centre has shopping facilities and a local student pub, The Bobbin, to hang out in."
"We're close to everything and the facilities are improving every year. The accommodation is not bad, depending on the halls you choose."


"It's far from other parts of the country and there aren't a lot of cultural events outside of the university."
"It's a good central location close to both town and accommodation."
"We're on a great campus, but some buildings could be improved."
"The University of Aberdeen is in the city and has two campuses, Foresterhill (the medical campus at the hospital) and Kings (the main campus located about 20 minutes' walk north of the city centre). The student accommodation is located at Hillhead, about a 20 minute walk north of the main campus through Seaton Park. The sports village is next to the main campus."
"There's not a lot to do in town and campus is quite far from the city centre. The accommodation is good so long as it's not provided by the uni."
"The university is conveniently located and facilities are good."
"Beautiful buildings with a brilliant and modern library. Aberdeen itself is a bit grey but there is plenty to do."
"Not the best weather. The campus and the facilities are modern and well maintained. The university is one of the oldest in the UK so it has really impressive traditional architecture as well. Student accommodation is generally expensive, but available."
"The campus is situated north of the city centre. The library and buildings etc are all situated on the same campus, which is handy. Some student accommodation is situated on campus and some to the north in the student village."
"It's close to the shops and close to town so there's no need to use public transport."

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